Daily Prompt: The Building Savage


I once had a lawn. It was not Wimbldon style, but it was a lawn with a surface of grass. We even had an electric mower that would travel once a day on his own and keep the lawn mowed. Any cut grass would fall into the lawn and serve as fertisiliser. It was a nice lawn, a luscious lawn. We loved our lawn and today it has been savaged by the trampling feet of builders clad in boots. There are cigarette remains in the flower beds, between the grass patches. Through the savaging of the trampling building animals in their super heavy boots with carved savaging rubber profiles on the soles of the boots, the lawn had no chance. We tried to rescue it daily with water. Mr. Swiss even manually cut the lawn with a normal mowing machine and it was all to no avail. The lawn now resembles a path where Hannibal and his elefants crossed the alps, just bare earth with a few patches of grass. Now and again a brave daisy pokes his head through, even a dandelion, but they survive everything. Mr, Swiss and I wil not let this pass unanswered, we are planning our revenge. This is the West garden, the one permently in the sun.


And now a move to the east garden. It used to be a pattern of flower beds and wonders of flower growth Now each flower is fighing for survival and only the fittest can win. See the plastic cover, this is a permanent fixture to trap the particles of microsopic foam floating down from above. The hollyhocks and the balloon plants have survived at the front and on the left of the picture. There is a bare piece of earth behind them. This used to be a flower bed with the large hollyhock as the center piece, now only it’s offspring are left at the front. It used to be a place where firebugs, butterflies and other insects would play in the sunlight: now doomed to disappearance, killed by movements of scaffolding and builders ignorance.

Today there is a light wind blowing, not so much.


I was planning on putting my Apple computer, a small light weight computer, onto my desk to write todays’s Daily Prompt. First of all I had to clear the desk from the white assasins of the cladding material. When I am finished here, I will use the Dyson to remove the particles from the floor. Does this find no end? According to the neighbour and Mrs. Swiss and the plans of the builders, architects and other Savages in charge of this destructive work, they will be finished in September, or was it October, perhaps it might be November.

There is a song that runs through it all, a theme tune to what could be: thankyou Talking Heads.

Daily Prompt: The Building Savage

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Building Savage

  1. 😦 I love that song. I’m sorry about the garden. I guess the only good news is next year you’ll get the pleasure of resurrecting it. I am putting off doing my Mowie thing but it’s necessary. Last year when I was traveling my lawn pretty much died. I spent much of last summer restoring it and this year, I continued that effort and fertilized it. The fertilizer worked. I forgot about the downside of that. 😉

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    • When we got the plan of organisation it was clearly stated on the contract that the gardener would be responsble for replacing anything that disappeared. They had to remove a couple of privet hedges, no problem, who likes privet. But they have also destroyed my lawn and Mr. Swiss and I insist on a new lawn. We do not want a new lawn with seeds, but the same lawn that we paid for ourselves, a so called “Rollrasen” already grown on turf and replace in a couple of hours and we are not paying for it. The flower bed will also be replaced as far as I am concerned. We pay for our own gardener to look after stuff during the year, but this year we had to cancel the service (except for having the hedge cut) because of the building saga.

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  2. It is not my intention to criticize your article, but Attila the Hun, (a German barbarian) never crossed the Alps and he did not have any elephants, you are thinking about Hannibal who was from Carthage. My dad loved landscaping and when neighbors would pass by our house, they would always slow down to admire my dad’s lawn.

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    • Theyused to admire my lawn as well in the days gone bye, before the building invasion began, but this will pass – I hope Correction gladly accepted, Of course it was Attilla – we golden oldies tend to get stuff muddled up – we make a suitable correct.


    • We have it in writing, but they are probably under the impreesion that a few handfuls of grass seeds will do the job, but not according to me. We will wait and see, there are still a couple of months to go and who knows what will happen until then.


  3. Keep chasing them when they start the clean up. This mess was not your idea so why should you have to accept a less than satisfactory lawn replacement. If they destroyed turf they should give you turf and no arguements.

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