Good Morning

M - Brimstone Butterfly

It is always difficult to get a photo of a brimstone butterfly because they appear from nowhere and disappear again. Yesterday I was sitting in my “office” opposite the front garden and Mr. Swiss appeared in the garden for some reason or another and he pointed out the brimstone butterfly flying around. They are actually the first butterflies we see after Winter and I believe they do some sort of survival training through the Winter to arrive and be first. There are even presidents that use the same training programme. Ok, I am diverging. So to continue, the photographer, Mr. Swiss, did not have a camera, but I did, so I handed him my mobile photo camera through the window and he shot a few photos. We did have a lively discussion about taking a good photo and getting as close as possible, but instructions were followed and this is the best photo he produced, although the others were also quite good. In German we call them “Zitonenfalter” – lemon butterfly.


As you can see I am organised. I have to be as I tend to forget stuff now and again. Why have an iPad and Smart Phone if you do not use it to its full abilities. Actually I do have a little thing about these cyber helpers and it is fun programming stuff. The clock is really a good invention as I remember not to forget. I tells me when to go to bed, although that is only an added gimmick. I tried it out and now every evening at 11.15 it gives me a signal to say not to forget. It even organises my sleeping time of 8 hours, although that is questionable. During those 8 hours there might be one or two “pit stops” for human necessities. Then I have the question of the right tune to play to wake me. I settled for bird song, as it is not so agressive and I am used to the real thing outside in the garden. And then there is the volume to be considered. I always go for as loud as possible, not wanting to risk sleeping through the alarm. Do I really need an alarm being a golden oldie? Of course not, but why not, it does no harm and completes the picture. Yes, I am organised.

I depend more on more on these modern helpers. As I get older, I tend to forget stuff that is actually important. I have programmed my MS injections for every second evening to be sure I do not forget where and when. I also write this in a notebook to be sure. You never know when smartphone decides not to be so smart, and that is important for me.

Not to mention details that you forget. You have a conversation would really like to remember the name of that song, or when it was recorded, or is that guy still alive who was in the film or made the record. For that we have google, no golden oldie forgetting sessions, It might be when you are eating or other actions, but the iPad/iPhone is never far away. Just a quick look and you have the answer and no longer feel so uncertain in your golden oldie phase.

Anyhow this morning we sent No. 1 son on his way to the station for his annual holiday. Of course Mr. Swiss needed no reminder to get up in time, he is always the first to circulate in the morning. I wanted to be sure so programmed it on my smartphone. However everything went well. I said goodbye to No. 1 son and Mr. Swiss dropped him off at the local station in Solothurn for the first step of the journey. From Solothurn he travels to Olten which is about 10 minutes. In Olten the coach will be waiting to take him to Jesolo in Italy where he will be for the next two weeks. It is an organisation for holidays for handicapped specialised for the individual needs. No. 1 son is autistic, so he can spend the holiday for those with no physical disabilities. He has been going on this holiday for the past 10 years, perhaps even more. He is well looked after, can choose whether he shares his room at the hotel or has his own room. He is now over 40 years old and so prefers his own room. He is very well looked after and being quite independent, can do his own thing. He just has to be back to the hotel at midnight which is no problem.

And now I have things to do. We (actually I) decided that this morning we will do something completely different. It is such a long while since I went to our town of Solothurn on Saturday morning when they have the weekly market. I have time, have decided I am also now on holiday, and so we will combine it with lunch. It will also be an opportunity to take my camera for a walk.

Enjoy the week-end, I will be back – no stress, just taking it easy. Oh, yesterday I bought an orchid again. They were the cheapest I have ever seen. A special offer for only 5 Swiss francs and I even got 10% off that at the supermarket. They usually cost at least 10 francs on a good day.


10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a pretty orchid, and the butterfly, it looks like a leaf.My sister and I also find Google a blessing when we start those conversations about “who sang that song? and “What was that film called?” it used to bug us for days sometimes till one of us remembered or found someone who knew. Now we can ask Mr Google so no stress.

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    • I no longer wanted an orchid, but for that price it was a must buy. I have often seen brimstone butterflies but been able to capture one on a photo. Google is really great for solving unanswered questions.


  2. I wish the states were progressive about people with disabilities like that. Programs that help them to fit in and feel good , treat them as regular important people with a little extra help. New York state has tried a few. But the country as a whole has not yet seem the benefit as not one gets wealthy helping others. I hope everyone enjoys their vacation. Hugs

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    • It’s a travel company like any other, but geared to special needs. Some of the handicapped cannot perhaps walk so well or need a wheelchair and they have holidays designed for them. Of course It is not free, luckily my son has a job and earns enough money, he also lives at home.

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  3. Beautiful orchid! Mine are gone and I’m wondering if they will grow back again.

    We have a million or more little yellow butterflies, but they don’t look like yours. They are everywhere and rather creepy.

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    • The brimstone is always the first to appear after Winter. They are a good size and survive the Winter. We enjoy seeing them here and we’re once made butterfly of the year.


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