Daily Prompt: Jingle and Jangle

Feldbrunnen 24.06 (9)

We have a village church, a catholic church. Every village and town in Switzerland has a church somewhere, whether catholic or Swiss reform church, there are even a few other religions. It is an unspoken law in Switzerland that on Saturday evening at 8.00 p.m. all the church bells ring everywhere for a quarter of an hour. This is no big problem, you know it and if you happen to be at the top of  a Swiss mountain somewhere, it can be quite a sound effect.

However there is a new arrival of jingles and jangles, call it what you want, but somewhere a smartphone or an iPad is making itself noticeable.


There is even a symbol on our online instruments in the form of a bell showing how loud it is organised by a row of lighting effects beneath the bell. On the photo it is half strength, just to show how it works, but on my iPad it is usually completely black with no tone. This has a reason. Mr. Swiss made a suggestion, or was it a threat,  that I could perhaps turn the sound down and then followed up with switching it off completely. Of course I understood his problem, it was jingling and jangling often, telling me that someone somewhere in the wide world had commented on a blog. There was also a problem with Facebook. Now and again I have a look to see what is happening in my little world and one of my 900 Facebook colleagues might post a video. Of course I keep these videos on the silence button, as they automatically start running if I tune in.

Unfortunately it can happen that I inadvertently might make a movement in the wrong place and the video on Facebook begins to run with sound and all the bells and whistles. If you happen to press the wrong button at the wrong time, it can lead to a small misunderstanding in the family.

And so it jingles and jangles most of the time. I have now been trained to keep eveything to a low level of noise or completely switched off. Mr. Swiss left Facebook a couple of months ago so there is no problem from his facebook page. He is also not a member of the blogging community. He just listens to his iTunes by headphone.

We cancelled our telephone fixnet some time ago and the only connection we both have to the outside world is our iPhones. Some say it is more expensive this way, but we both receive so few telephone calls, or make them, it is no big deal. Of course, in this case, I switch my telephone off when I got to bed, at night and after lunch. My smartphone is always next to my bed and no problem to re-connect in the morning when I am awake and also recharge it. If someone wants to call me in the night he is unlucky and there is no emergency in the middle of the night where I could help in any case.

Mrs. Swiss keeps his telephone next to his computer in the living room and never disconnects it. Sometimes during the night or in the lunch sleeping session I hear the sound of a telephone in the living room – not my problem. It can jingle and jangle as much as it wants to, but Mr. Swiss sleeps through it and I ignore it.

Life has become one big jingle and jangle today although there are other sound effects. I am awakened by the sound of birds from the online devices in the morning. If someone calls me a duck starts to quack and if I have a programmed action to take, it is usually some sort of haunted house theme. Mr. Swiss has a jazz theme. Modern life can no longer exist without a jingle or jangle somewhere.

Daily Prompt: Jingle and Jangle

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Jingle and Jangle

  1. Oh your Iphones, you can easily set it to privacy mode. You can set who can call through when in privacy mode. For me because I have so many online commitments, and mews notification, my phone and pad spout off all the time. So we put family on call through, and now we go to bed we swipe up, hit the privacy button and sleep soundly. Be well. Hugs

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    • I just switch it into flight mode which is more or less the same. I am too old to spend too much time on the telephone, When my dad was still alive I was more online being uncertain if something would happen. Now I switch my phone off during the night and after lunch for 1-2 hours. If there is important news, they will ring again.

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  2. The reason my phone is turned off is because it ding, jangle, dingles, buzzes, clangs … pretty much entirely for things I don’t need to know about. It is SO annoying I just can’t stand it. I do NOT need to know every time someone in my cyber world posts a “like” somewhere. It is great about that, but doesn’t seem able to remember to ring if there is a phone call. Now, because I pretty much never use the phone, it doesn’t matter.

    Our “regular” phone isn’t a landline either. It costs $4.99 a month and is part of the cable package. Unlimited, as long as the modem is working. If the modem ISN’T working, i fire up the cell phone and voila! But leaving it on makes me crazy, so it’s OFF. Not even on silent. Just plain OFF.

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    • being in Europe the phone is quiet in the morning. It picks up after lunch. I switch it off until mid afternoon when I am on the computer. My midnight is early evening in the states and my telephone is again on flight mode, so it doesn’t really bother me too much. My iPad is silent and I see the messages. I have got used to my mobile phone way of life, and I have other important stuff on it like appointments and stuff to deal with. I notice as I get older I become more forgetful.


      • I keep everything on my computer and I’ve got one in the living room, another next to the bed. I can’t take it to the grocery store, but for that Garry makes lists. He is big on lists and even if we put it on the phone, he would STILL make a list.

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    • I also find it fun, especially if you are in the supermarket and everyone turns their head to see where the jingle-jangle is coming from.
      I am honored, through the miracle of the cyber world someone is reading my blog in a plane traveling from Alaska 🙂


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