Good Morning

Morning Clouds

Reading the clouds, it seems like it will be a nice summer’s day today, although yesterday was also a summer day, but not so nice. There were hints again of heat wave temperatures and so the signal was set for panic attempts to keep the heat out and also the light unfortunately. It became a criminal aspect to leave a door open and windows were to be kept shut at all times. Being a Brit I never learned this way of life. In the afternoon I am on the shady side at my desk, so open the window to allow the fresh air to circulate.

Unfortunately the small white particles of styrofoam also circulate. Both Mr. Swiss and I have the builder’s blues. We have come to hate them, but the builders are only doing their job. We received another information letter from the building capo di tutti capi yesterday. It was so informative we had to ask why bother. He informed us that he would now be going on holiday and another capo di tutti capi would be responsible for any problems. Do we have problems?

Renovation 06.07 (1)

Of course not. We have having electric cables left in the garden for the week-end – adds to the artistic composition. There was a unforgettable last sentence on the letter reminding us all to keep all windows closed to prevent building emissions entering the appartment. This capo di tutti capi now and again appears at the building site. Usually a visit of five minutes once a week. He is still looking for the key to the stairway to heaven to the roof which disappeared a few weeks ago, but I am keeping quiet about it. It was last seen when my cat was carrying it in his teeth. And now to something completely different, otherwise I will get building depression.

We now have the building free week-end to celebrate, with no noise and building dirt, thank goodness. The people on the roof have already disappeared for the week-end. They do not seem to work on Friday.

Avocado 04.07.2017

I paid a visit to my potted plants this week to see how they were survivng and was astonished to see how well my avocado was developing. I planted the stone  about two years ago, but it is still surviving and now and again throws out a few new leaves which get bigger each time. I will let you know when the first avocado appears.

My No. 1 autistic son is busy at the moment preparing for his holiday. He goes every year with a special group of handicapped to Italy for the next two weeks and is looking forward to it. They usually visit the same hotel in Jesolo. I really have no problem, he organises everything himself. Today he will visit the bank to pick up some Euro €. I asked him yesterday if there was anything I should wash to take with him, but he confirmed there was nothing and everything was organised.

Mr. Swiss and I will be on our own when he is gone, but have no big plans.

And now to move on, they let me out today for the week-end shopping, but no problem. Enjoy the day, see you around.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Neither can we, but they did. One party seemsbto be swimming on money and is also completely renovating his appartment: new kitchen, new bathroom, new shower. Another party had two holiday houses, and many of the other “yes” people rent their places. There are some normal humans like us that always had to work for their living. We are too old to move and for all the misery we are now enduring we like living in this village


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