Photo Challenge: Bridge


There are bridges and bridges I suppose. On the same day that the builders had finished building the scaffolding on our building, the neighbour’s feline, Roschti, was the first to try it out looking ahead to see if this new play centre was something interesting.  I was sitting at my desk on the computer and saw him taking the first steps. This was his one and only walk across the bridge, as he had a problem on how to descend.

I went into the garden to see if I could help him. I did help him as he decided he did not want a confrontation with me and leaped onto a pile of tiles from where he was.  This is no problem for a feline and he survived.

Photo Challenge: Bridge

8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Bridge

    • Roschti was always here. His first human moved but he stayed and he adopted another human. They changed his name to Kimberly, but for us he is still Roschti.


  1. What a classic picture! They all seem to be good at “up” and weak at “down.” We used to be able to call the fire department to come and get our cats out of trees, but they won’t do it anymore, so you just have to hope they figure it out. Great shot!

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    • Luckily Tabby is not the bravest cat in town, although she thinks she is.. She would rather disappear through the cat flap than a confrontation with another feline.


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