Daily Prompt: Sailing along

River Aare 23.06 (12)

I don’t sail, have no intention of sailing. I would not make it to the boat having to walk across those shaky platforms to get to the boat. Another probem is having a mooring place on the river. You see old rotting yachts no longer sailworthy, but the owners of these ruins have a mooring place and there is a list of people waiting for a mooring place. This is the so-called sailing mafia of the boat owners. No matter if your boat is falling apart, you keep your mooring place.

To sail you have to be able to swim. Of course I can swim. If you throw a dog ito water it also swims, and uses the same system that I use. Evern coca cola bottles can swim. My photo proves it. This bottle definitely did not arrive in our local river from our town. It must have entered the river somewhere in a lake and floated down the river.

Of course we have yachts on the lakes in Switzerland, but not for normal average people. They are for the better situated, bankers and industrial people. If you pay a visit to a Swiss Lake on a sunny day you will see them all floating – they all float out on the lake. Cast a glance around you and begin to work out the millions of Swiss Francs sailing on the lake.

And that is all I have to say today, because sailing is not my thing, Here is just a last glance at the local mooring places. As you can see it is empty. The main thing is that you have one. And try walking across it. It wobbles and you might fall into the river.

Where have the boats gone

And now I am sailing away to do something better with my time. I leave talking about sailing to those that enjoy it and have more to say.

Daily Prompt: Sailing along

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sailing along

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  2. I loved this post, especially the comment about the coca cola bottle. Sailing is not my thing either. I found it scary, but also very boring. I do not even really like going on ferry boats! (but it is fun to view the land from their viewpoint)

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    • I also find it boring, but I quite like ferry boats. We have an island in the river near us. No-one lives on the island except for the farmer. He has his own boat, and if you want to visit he picks you up with the boat. He has special days in Summer with food and bar-b-q and you can go for a swim.

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      • My only complaint with ferry boats is that you have to stand in the right place, otherwise the horrible smell of oil? diesel fuel? I -am -not -sure- what- it -is? overwhelmes the gorgeous view of San Francisco from the bay.


  3. I was joking on my blog about sailing in a potato field, but then I remembered that this whole valley is a prehistoric lake bed and UNDER the surface is a lake, an immense aquifer. I think that’s the best sailing surface I could find anywhere. Like you I’m not a water person.

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    • As long as it remains underground it is ok. There was once a pond in the next village but that disappeared when Mr. Swiss was learning to walk. Now we just have a river that runs through it all.

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