Good Morning

Is it a good morning? I have three sturdy builders mounting cladding on my front porch in front of the window. They are sawing, cutting and applying the syrofoam with some sort of messy cement. However, they are quiet, just a few words of conversation, a radio playing in the background not too loud and above all, no pneumatic drills or chisels, what could be better and I have the opportunity for a few photos, but nothing spectacular. I like taking photos of the work with the flying sparks and flames, but apparently that is now only on the roof.

Castle Waldegg 02.07 (11)

So what did we do yesterday? The rain stopped in the afternoon, although there were still grey skies, but temperatures had dropped to around 18° C so I took myself on a walk with the camera in the early evening as I was suffering slightly from cabin fever. My world during the week was divided between the supermarket and the view from the window. It was time to make the surroundings uncertain. I decided to go up the hill to the local castle Waldegg, but this time with a difference. I had gathered some energy to walk a little further to the back part of the castle where they have their garden.

On the way I met a colleague from my village first aid society days. We are both now golden oldies and had a few things to catch up on. She was going down the hill and I was going up the hill. I wandered on and discovered with disappointment that the gates had been closed at the castle. However, there are two sides to the castle, so I gave myself a push to walk to the other side of the building and yes, the gate was open on that side.

Castle Waldegg 02.07 (35)

I could now make my way into the garden and was not disappointed.

Castle Waldegg 02.07 (25)

Everything was flowering and growing and producing seeds. They had such a wonderful selection, it was a delight for the camera. I had to be careful where I was treading, the ground was covered with wooden chippings and I was walking with my stick.

Poppies 02.07 (1)

The poppies were now on their last, with a few remaining flowers, but plenty of seed capsules. I was really having fun finding something new for my camera and I was all on my own. There were no others walking around, I had a castle to myself.

Castle Waldegg 02.07 (29)

Each plant had its own name plaque to show what it actually was. I heard the church bell strike just across the way and decided it was time to return home before Mr. Swiss sent out a search party, although he was occupied at home watching the daily news on the TV and the following German police criminal series.  I took the downhill path home, which was much easier and quicker than going up the hill. I even saw some cows on the way in a neighbouring meadow.

Cows 02.07 (2)

I was glad to arrive in one piece again at home but found myself standing in front of a closed locked window, as I prefer to take the back entrance, it is easier and I have no stairs to walk down to the front entrance. However, I was ignored when I tapped on the window so had to phone Mr. Swiss who was sitting in the living room, just on the other side of the window, to open the window for me: thank goodness for a mobile phone connection. He opened the window wondering why I could not enter through the front door like most people with a key. I did not bother with an explanation, he was back to the TV again.

I spent the next hour uploading photos and starting the daily wash – a woman’s work is never done. However I had enjoyed my excursion with a difference to the castle. I think the phrase is tired but happy.

To the background noise of the builder sawing through styrofoam, I wish you all a good beginning to the week and say good bye with some coreopsis flowers that were growing in the castle garden.

Coreopsis 02.07.2017

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • His only problem was that I wanted to enter through the garden. If I had come through the front door he would not have to walk a few steps across the living room to the Kirchen to let me in. He did not hear me when I called and tapped on the window, he was too interested in his TV program.


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