Good Morning

Back Garden in the rain

Amazing how quickly the weather, and the mood, can change. Last week we were sitting in a heat wave, the garden dehydrating around me and watching the lawn turn brown. Mr. Swiss even organised an AC machine, which is now in the cellar and can stay there as far as I am concerned and yesterday evening I dived into my closet to find long trousers and a t-shirt instead of a sun top and shorts. I was was not  cold,  but was not exactly suffering from over heating:  instead of the daily 30° C temperature we now have 17°, although it is more comfortable. My lawn still has a few brown patches, but it will take time until they become green again.

I awoke to the sound of rain in the early morning hours, but I was really worried. The rain was making such a noise rebounding on the scaffolding it sounded like we had the Niagara Falls in front of the window. I had visions of a flooded garden. However everything under control. In the light of the day things have a different perspective.

There is not very much happening at the moment and my social life consists mainly of sticking my nose in my Kindle. There is no encouragement to take a walk when I would have to wear a raincoat. I finished my second Alex Cross book by James Patterson, “Kiss the Girls” last week and found it even better than the first in the series.  I am slowly becoming an Alex Cross fan. When you think the case is solved, Alex Cross is one step ahead and you realise that things are not always as they seem.

Another one of my favourite authors is Mark Edwards, and I noticed a couple of weeks ago that a new book had been published. I was thinking of uploading it onto my Kindle, but when browsing through Amazon I realised there were still a couple of books I had not read by this author, so I settled for one called “The Devil’s Work”. Mark Edwards stories always have a touch of psychological horror with some mysterious characters involved. I am now 40% through this book but am not disappointed. A new job in a publishers office does not run as well as expected. There are some strange characters that work there, and the retired owner of the company that lives on the top floor – well I am not sure about that one, is he still amongst the living? I think so, but up to now I am not disappointed with the book. Mr. Swiss watches criminal stories on the TV and I read mysteries at the same time – what a team.

And on this dull, dismal and somewhat boring day up to now I will leave you with my small collection of potted plants which are now on our small table outside. The only remainders of my wonderful open air summer days before the scaffolding and the builders appeared. I have my suspicions about those builders. Are they actually human and what are they actually doing to our building. I hear strange sounds coming from the cladding they are sticking to the outside walls and I am sure I saw it throbbing after it was attached to the building. I no longer trust anyone. They are using a mysterious black substance to stick the cladding to the walls, it glows at night.

Plants in Pots

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