Daily Prompt: “Scamper” no longer exists

Slug 02.07.2017

I saw this snail scampering across a piece of plastic that is usually reserved for our automatic lawn mower. The scampering days of our “Mowey” as we lovingly call him, are not possible this year. Due to renovation work, builders, scaffolding and no free access to the lawn, Mowey is spending the summer in the cellar. He was released for a week and then the builders moved in and took over.

In the meanwhile the lawn has gone from green to slighty singed and is now recovering again due to a few days monsoon. This morning I noticed this little guy sliming his way across Mowey’s docking station plastic. It was ideal for the slug, everything being covered with a thin layer of slime friendly water. He/her (they are both)  slimed his way with ease, slurping water on the way. It is strange with slugs. When the sun shines and warm dry weather exists, you forget they exist. As soon as the rain arrives, they return in groups: a snail rarely appears alone. I only saw one of them this morning, but am sure there are others lurking in the underground waiting for a chance to pounce with their 5-600 teeth.

My scampering days are now gone at the age of 70, although I was never really well known for scampering. Yesterday as I was putting my Apple computer to bed he gave me a warning that the batteries were low in the mouse. To  ensure it would  continue to scamper today, I changed the batteries. It is a blue tooth mouse and so needs two batteries. I always have a problem with those batteries.

Apple batteries

They have a “+” and a “-” sign to show you how to insert them in the casing. Unfortunately I could not find these signs, so just took a guess. It was the wrong guess as I had a dead battery today. I had to bother Mr. Swiss for the solution. He is so good at solving these technological problems. Even he was scampering to read the signs in the battery casing, as the builders left us with a hanging red plastic cloth over the scaffolding, cutting off light from outside the kitchen. I had to switch on the main light in the kitchen, which I rarely do, to be able to see the signs in the battery casing. The battery problem was soon solved, and now my blue tooth mouse is scampering again. I know Logitech mice scamper easily, but I have got used to the blue tooth mouse: the computer motto is “get used to it”.

So I will now scamper further to my Anglowisscat blog, Tabby, my feline is waiting impatienly, although she has again fallen asleep. I have plans to scamper this evening. It has stopped raining, although still cloudy, but have decided on a walk to the nearby castle grounds and have a little scamper around with my camera.

Daily Prompt: “Scamper” no longer exists

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: “Scamper” no longer exists

    • One of nature’s mysteries. I think they lurk underground waiting for the next rain. I am sure they can wait for many weeks until their chance arrives again. In the meanwhile they are busy laying more eggs for the next generation.


    • I always forget – Logitec is much more straight forward, there is a nice big plus sign everywhere and only one battery, but thanks for the nice straight forward explanation, we women do not need complicated explanations, just nice and straight forward with springy parts and flats – thanks.


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