Daily Prompt: Let’s Snack

On Wednesday morning we went shopping, we have to eat to live. My eyes caught a fresh harvest of Nectarines. Why eat a peach when there are nectarines is one of my life’s mottos. I am not a great fruit eater. Apples are boring and oranges only available during winter. I mean the real oranges and not the hard billiard ball lookalike oranges with the thin skins and bitter taste available in the summer months. It is now nectarine time, with the smooth red skins and juicy flesh and the price is right. It is season, so why not. I decided to pick 4 of them: one a day would last until Saturday There is no point in buying too many as they would become soft and make a mess when eating.

This morning was another shopping day. We had constructed our lists on the iPhones, in a cloud of course, and because of our exact planning we were finished with the main objects within an hour. There was time left and we now had only the bits and pieces that were not for meals, but nonetheless important for week-end survival.

“Shall we buy “Prince” cake for a snack in the afternoon?” (Explanation: a cake topped with crunchy meringue and filled with cream).

“I am not sure, you take something you want. Do we still have a vanilla cream at home?”

“I think so, but perhaps only one.”

This was when I had to use my brain. Was there only one vanilla cream or two. I had to make a decision, We bought 2 pieces of “Prince” cake to be on the safe side, one for each of us. This coupled with my nectarine was protection against starvation.

Afternoon Break

And so my Daily Prompt half hour could begin. Just did a quick check: my Apple computer, the Kindle and iPad and camera. You never know. I sit in front of an open window and there might be something worth taking a photo of.

My cake and nectarine are also ready as well as the fly swatter. Never forget the fly swatter. One was already buzzing around before I began to eat. I was patient waited until it settled on the table and swatted. I was lucky, a hit on the first swat. That does not often happen. Flies have a radar system that tells them the swatter is approaching before I even think about it: note the dead fly on the fly swatter.

And now I was ready to hit the keyboard, sustained by my cake and nectarine.


In the meanwhile I have snacked.

Daily Prompt: Let’s Snack

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Let’s Snack

  1. I thought I was the only one who keeps getting those dreadful oranges that have no flavor or juice. I’ve stopped buying them. We sometimes get a brief opportunity for tangerines (clementines), but right now, we are in our two weeks of cherry season. For this two week period, they are inexpensive and delicious. By next week, they will be overripe.

    What happened to fruit? We used to grow really good fruit, especially apples. We have orchards all over the valley. Where’s the fruit?

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    • Oranges are a Winter fruit for us here, as well as tangerines. The good oranges come from Sicily, but we also get Israeli Jaffa. In Summer they are the so-called summer oranges. Nothing special, thin skins and no real flavour. Our Winter oranges are really good. One of Switzerlands specialities are cherries, but it all depends on how the Spring weather is. This year it was not so good, it was too cold in April for the cherries to develop and the blossoms died without producing the fruit, which puts the prices up. I never buy cherries. I depend on people that might give me some if they have a tree somewhere.
      I have two apple trees in my garden so for a month in autumn we have enough apples. I grew one of my apple trees from a pip about 15 years ago and it had the first apples last year 🙂
      Peaches and Nektarines are quite popular and we have a large production of Swiss apricots from the Kanton of Valais.


  2. Nectarines are very nice. I used to have two nectarine trees in my garden but lost them when we had the old shed demolished. I think it was the only thing keeping them up but the fruit was nice. I still have my apple tree although we had a bad season and I got no fruit this year. I understand it was due to an overly wet pollination season. I am able to buy local apples though as this is Tasmania’s biggest apple growing area. In summer I am often given strawberries, rasberries and sometimes stone fruits or at least can buy locally grown ones.

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    • I just ate my last nectarine which was really time, as the tend to get ripe, almost over ripe, very quickly. We cannot grow them here as our area would probably be too cold. Apricots would survive as Switzerland is an apricot country, but mainly in the South of Switzerland. I have two apple trees, one is already 18 years old and still brings apples every year. the other is from a pip I once planted in a small pot, and has now overtaken my other apple tree is height. It took a while, but last year it had the first apples, only three. The were not very reistant and the insects got them, but this year it looks promising. Our biggest apple growin area in Switzerland is the Kanton of Thurgau more to the East of Switzerland.I have raspberries and blackberries, but they were planning to take over and I had bushes springing up everyhwhere so I did a radical destruction and now I have none and I am not sorry. You can have too much of a good thing.

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