Good Morning

Morning Sky

It is a wonderful morning here: normal temperatures, a slight breeze, blue sky in the background and clouds which are gradually transforming into the fluffy stage. We had another thunder storm yesterday evening which was good for the garden. After a week of heat, at last it is recovering.  Of course this is all happening to the background noise of the building team circulating around our appartments, but that is at last some action. We used to live in a quiet, serene, sleepy part of the village where the morning chore would be to see what had grown in the garden overnight. Today we just take a look at the scaffolding to see what has appeared in the meanwhile.


This is the photo of today’s still life.  I awoke to the sounds of the roof workers ascending the steps to the top of the building, greeting each other on the way. It is all quiet on our side at the moment, although I hear footsteps above. They have left me in peace to eat my breakfast. They will soon arrive to continue the cladding of our appartment.

Yesterday I was a little annoyed with WordPress. I have my own little system and routine. I usually write my daily prompts on my Apple computer as it flows easy and no problem. When I finished I checked in quickly in the Reader before switching the computer off, and noticed that it was not the same as usual, but I was too quick to notice why.

Afterwards I fired up my microsoft Acer computer as I prefer this one for answering various challenges. I went to the reader to see what had arrived and was a little puzzled. Although I saw the newest events in the reader, my complete sidebar had disappeared. It is when such items are no longer there, you realise how much you rely on them being there. After a few tries, the sidebar remained stolen. I checked on my iPad – no sidebar in the reader. The first thought is always what did you do wrong. I was in Facebook and one of my followers was complaining that she could not transfer to Facebook very well from WordPress.

In the meanwhile I wanted to post on my One Word Challenge, the word being “gorilla”. I had taken pains in the supermarket to take a photo of a gorilla if I found one, which I did. Actually Mr. Swiss pointed it out to me in the toy section and said that one of the female customers was have a good laugh at my attempts to get a good photo. What we do for WordPress knows no limits.

To continue, I wrote my piece, but had problems to find the challenge to post my article because my sidebar was still missing.  I eventually found what I was searching for and when I was ready to upload I got a completely different, highly complicated method of crossposting to my Facebook community page. In the meanwhile I had written a complaint to WordPress telling them about the missing sidebar in my reader. They even gave me an answer. Did they say they happened to be re-organising. No – they told me it was a browser problem and perhaps I should try another browser etc. etc. This was combined with very complicated instructions where you had to be a second Bill Gates to understand what it was all about. Basically all they had to say was we are messing around again with our set up, be patient.

In the meanwhile my sidebar in Reader appeared again, all on its own without any complicated manoevres by me. The case was then clear. I was doing the wrong thing at the wrong time yesterday. The new set up for crossposting to Facebook remains. I suppose it goes under the name of “improvement”, although the original system was much quicker and less complicated. Cyber golden oldies really do not need this sort of occupational therapy.

I know some do not work with the reader, but we all have our own routines and for me routine is the basis of an uncomplicated online life where we know where we are going and why.

And now back to normal life, a little bit of cleaning, and a big bit of window cleaning, although not such a big problem as I do it regularly. I will leave you with another one of my spectacular photos of the Bernese Alps taken on Monday, the light was right.

Alps 26.06 (1)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. This drive me nuts. WordPress does this, but so does Google AND Facebook. They all decide to just change how things are done. For that matter, our cable channel is permanently installing new software and all kinds of weird stuff happens. The other day the sound went away. i eventually got it working again, but i don’t know why it went away OR why it came back except that oddly enough, Charter was redoing the menus again. Hmm. No connection, I’m sure. I try not to let them get to me, but they do. It’s just so annoying that they keep fixing all the stuff that used to work before they fixed it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Which returns to why mend it when it isn’t broken. I wrote back to WordPress and thanked the lady for her prompt answer, remaining polite. Told her my browser was in perfect order and it seemed that WordPress were again making alterations. She replied that she hadn’t noticed, showing that they don’t bother to check, but now considers my problem as being solved. And yesterday evening everything was back how it used to be. I don’t understand the online world anymore either.


    • I had the rain ordeal wearing a hood, carrying a shopping bag packed full and in the other hand a walking stick, you know how it goes. No room for an umbrella.


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