Good Morning

Yesterday evening I drenched the garden as usual after another hot and sunny afternoon. Afterwards I could at last relax outside with a short pause to visit my laundry room in the cellar to start a wash. As I eventually retired to hug my bed I could hear the sound of thunder in the distance and then the rains came, all night, with a light and noise show: at least my garden has now recovered from the drought and the leaves are green again and upright. It has now stopped raining and temperatures have cooled down. I am not sorry and now realise the problems I had because of the heat.


Mr. Swiss rises earlier than me most days and I was still hugging the bed when he told me that the builders had now arrived on our front porch to begin the cladding work.  I decided at last an opportunity for photos and was hoping for some spectacular flame thowing photos. When I arrived in the kitchen the builder’s conference was being held, discussing the work of the day. It is ot every morning I am greeted by 3 men on the porch. I asked buider No. 1 about the spectacular possibilities of photos with flames and sparks, but he said it that will not happen on my porch. That was now only done on the roof.


The only part using a machine is where they have to cut the cladding to fit the spaces is shown on this photo. We had cladding, or insulation, on the building before, but in the last 20 years progress has been made and new norms have been introduced. What we are now getting is much thicker and will increase the volume of the building overall.

Just had a discussion with one of the italian team of builders. I noticed we have italians, germans, a hungarian and swiss working on the site at the moment. They come from everywhere and it seems that it is organised on a building site to recruit them from their various countries.


And this is what our walls now have. They are working very quickly and this part for us will definitely be finished for today.

I now have a normal life to lead including an excursion to the supermarket. I will leave you with a photo of the Bernese Alps I took on my trip to the supermarket on Monday. It was perfect weather for a clear view, although the photos never really do the alps the credit they deserve. The distance from us is about 200 kilometers and would take approximately 2 hours to get there on the motorway.

Alps 26.06 (12)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We had big thunder squalls last night and it rain furiously for a few minutes at a time about five times in two hours. Then, it cleared up. It was supposed to be much hotter today, but it isn’t. It’s cool enough that the air conditioner won’t work.

    We have very heavy fiberglass insulation in this house. The good news is that this house stays very warm even in the coldest weather. The bad news is that we are so well insulated, especially in the attic, that the snow won’t melt off the roof and we have to find someone to go up there and shovel it off.

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    • We alsonhad another heavy storm yesterday evening but my garden is glad for it.. our aitür conditioner is now back to the cellar as it is no longer necessary and I am glad. It was not my idea. I suppose it did its job when necessary.
      There was a discussion with no. 1 builder and a neighbour yesterday proving so-called golden oldies that supposedly have no idea. This whole gold plating of our building was not necessary and a normal renovation would have done the job what we suspected in any case.


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