Daily Prompt: Sunny Days


Let us all get in a sunny mood for a sunny prompt. Living in the northern hemisphere we now have sunny days in June in Switzerland. The local gardening store were even selling sunflowers with smiles on their face: must be some sort of gen manipulation. The winter will wipe the smile off their faces when the cold weather arrives, but at least during the summer we have smiles on the sunny days.

If I was again a teenager and young I would be enjoying all this sunny stuff. I am one of the lucky ones that do not get sunburn and my skin turns brown – must have been some roman blood left in my skin after the Romans spent their holidays in London in 55 b.c., although I believe it was some sort of invasion. I suppose they did us pale skinned blue eyed angles a favour, although I still have blue eyes. Yes, that’s us Brits a real mixture.

I am drifiting, so what is to say today as a golden oldie about the sun. I have just survuved a week of hot sunny heat wave days and realised that although my physical state  still turns brown and does not burn, my mental state prefers a fresh breeze now and again, and cooler days where I do not have to close the curtains, shut the windows and doors to keep the heat out.

I remember my days of summer in London, when I was a Brit. You were left to the mercy of roads and buildings, the air smelling of brick dust, especially if you had a rain shower. When summer holidays arrived mum, dad an I would make our way to the seaside, to the coast of England. We would often spend the holiday on an island South of the English mailand, Isle of Wight. It was like being in another world where you could bath in the sea and lay on sandy beaches during the day. The cool evenings with walks at the side of the sea were refreshing and accompanied with a drink outsidein a pub. London? The only stretch of water we had was the River Thames,  even the fish had died out because of pollution  – this was in the 1950’s, I believe the fish have returned since, the english learned something on the way.

As a kid there was a beach by the tower of London on the River Thames. I must have been about 5-6 years old when mum would take me there to have a paddle in the river and play on the shore. We did not have a sandy beach, more a mixture of gravel and mud, but for a London kid it was paradise – we were not spoiled.

As a teenager in London, after the annual holiday, I was a victim of London summer days. We had a six week summer holiday from school and so I still had to make the most of the 4 weeks left after the summer holiday. I have memories of trips up to central London, Perhaps taking walks around the city, sitting in the garden of St. Pauls Cathedral and going to Hyde Park  or St. James Park which was on the way to Buckingham Palace. We even had a local park, Victoria Park, where there were even swans – childhood memories.

And now I live in sunny Switzerland and complain about the summer heat. I should really be more satisfied.

Market stall in SolothurnSummer market in Solothurn, Switzerland

Daily Prompt: Sunny Days

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sunny Days

  1. I think complaining about the weather is what we do. Everywhere. We complain when there’s too much snow, not enough snow. Too much rain, no rain. Too hot, too cold. The dogs only complain about rain. They are good with the rest of it.

    We used to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard which is an island off the coast in Massachusetts. It really WAS like being in another world. It was peaceful, relaxed, and almost always comfortable with the breezes from the ocean.

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    • I don’t bother so much with the weather, Mr. Swiss is the expert. I let him get on with it. Listening to the weather forecast is one of his favourite programmes. Our heat wave is finished for the moment, and now we have the thunderstorms which I quite like. If I feel OK in my bones then I am not bothered so much.
      In Switzerland we spent our holidays in the alps. It was wonderful for walks during the day and in the evening you had the cool breezes. Even if it rained it was fun. You just put on the raincoat and walking boots and could still enjoy the surroundings.


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