Good Morning


You cannot take a morning photo out of the bedroom window without having a pile of bricks in the way. What I actually wanted to show was that it is raining again. Yesterday evening looked quite dim outside, grey skies and all that sort of thing and so I waited before watering the garden, hoping it would rain. Eventually I gave up, just a false weather sign again and spent half an hour getting everything nicely soaked. Eventually I sat down outside to relax and guess what? I heard light drops which soon developed into real rain: nothing spectacular, but enough to have saved me the work of watering the garden.

And now it rained on and off all through the night. I am not sorry: our lawn was slowly turning brown at the edges and the remaining plants were a resemblance of an oasis in the desert. Temperatures have now returned to normal and I do not have to put pieces of ice in my glass of water.

Roschti 26.06.2017

We now have a mysery around our building site in front of my window and the suspects have not been found. Was it Roschti, the neighbout’s cat that always makes a daily inspection of the building site?

On this photo you can see the entrance door to the scaffolding for use of the bulding workers and mainly for the roof acrobats. There is something wrong.

Renovation 30.04 (3)

Whe the scaffolding was completed a ladder was constructed, 4 ladders a actually on each corner of the building site, for use of the builders to get to their various platforms of work. They even put a door on the entrance to the stairs saying that !It is forbidden for unauthorised persons to enter the scaffolding! accompanied by other threats. This was probably for me to prevent me climbing up to the roof and taking scenic photos of the area.

Renovation 30.04 (4)

This was sealed with a lock, the secret code only known to those that are members of this building project. Yesterday I was wiriting one of my prize crowned blogs in the afternoon in front of my open window and builder No. 1 appeared in front of the window with his sidekick. The both greeted me. This was important when they are there together – a Swiss guy and an Italian guy, it was an internation conference. They seemed to be searching for something and manipulations were made at the door.

“The architect said we should lock the door when we are finished for the day.” were the words of the No. 1 leader. No 2 leader just shook his head and they were both searching up and down around the door. I decided to intervene. “If you a looking for the lock to the door, it must have disappeared about two weeks ago and has never been seen since.”

The sidekick gave a confirmation and added that I was right. Since two weeks no-one had seen the lock. I added that we were not sorry, because now Mr. Swiss could easily climb through the door and get to our hose to water the garden in the evening direct from our appartment. Otherwise when it was locked, he had to go out of the front entrance to the block and walk in a circle. No. 1 boss then added that it seems the “architect” was on the building site and said that this entrance should be locked at all time. I added that I had never seen an architect since they had begun the work, this was acknowledge with a sort of sly smile – yes architects are a rare species it seems. The roof workers found it stupid in any  case to lock this door as often it was locked to early, leaving a couple of the roof working species locke out on the roof.

There were a few more searching actions made, but to no avail. There is now the question “who stole the lock?”. I am keeping an eye on the situation and will keep you informed. The police have not yet arrived, but stealing such an imposing lock to a scaffolding is most likely a criminal offence punished with no morning break at the building site.

Just one of the little excitements in the life of a golden oldie. There will be excitement on the way this week. They are now beginning to clad the front part of the building in front of my windows. If there is another heatwave, there will be interesting photos of workers wearing light summer dress, meaning no t-shirts. With my luck it will probably rain all week.

Today is a stay at home day, although I am sending Mr. Swiss on a mission to the supermarket and they did not have the cold cut I wanted yesterday because it was Monday.

Enjoy the day, take it easy and if you happen to see a coded lock laying around let me know, it has now become a case for Interpol and the FBI.


9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You know, Pat, that apart from the amusement factor of your posts I often find things either highly amusing, interesting or ‘seen through the eyes of an Angloswiss’…. or then, and that not for the 1st time, I’m simply marvelling at your hostas! Just HOW COME that they are not totally destroyed by snails/slugs? All I ever saw and owned in this respect, were the ‘after’ photos of what I called ‘slug fodder’…. empty skeletons of former hostas, eaten away to the bare risps and bones!
    I had a giggle at your lock story. At my sister’s place where they did a huge renovation some 18 mo ago (and she who is the provider of not one but four cats), the missing lock was a SEVERE problem, justice-wise, as unauthorized ppl got into the backyard, even climbed up to the appartments and stole stuff! Whereas the residents thought they felt at least half-save (with no stores or shutters and ppl working all hours) BECAUSE of the scaffolding being locked up during the non-working hours and then it turned out they weren’t…. One of her cats got caught up in the scaffolding works too in such a way that the poor idiot pet couldn’t save itself… I vividly remember the unpleasant comments coming through the phone line at the time! You see, I’m sure glad for you and your husband that you were able to water your garden more stressfree but I guess those foreworkers & ‘overlookers’ of ongoing work have civil duties to adhere to. Aaah, the world never is a safe and peaceful and pleasing-to-everyone place, is it?!
    Tks for this account; you’re a pleasure to read and often make me chuckle – which certainly is a good thing when we have not too much to laugh about in our daily life! AND the added bonus is that you make fantastic publicity for your village – I seem to know it better than many other places in Switzerland 🙂 Maybe you won’t get an oscar for your blog-writing but an honorary citizenship of Feldbrunnen – THERE’s an idea!!!! Wishing you the best and being glad for your rain; I’m still spending my late evenings watering for 90′ every two days as we have thankfully less hot days but still no rain at all. We also have no grass or greens left, our ‘Wiesen’ are burnt sienna prairie and when we walk through it the brown grass is just crumbling under our garden shoes…. I am only glad we didn’t have the money last year to re-do our lawns as we felt we should; it would have been a waste of money; it’s all fifty shades of brown now 🙂

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    • Even our gardener admired my hostas, especially for their size. I have two sorts. The ones with the variegated leaves have smaller leaves and are more tasty for the slugs, although it remains in borders in my garden. Perhaps because I have my hostas on the cooler side of the garden. My mega green leaved hostas never have slugs. I think they are too tough for the slugs to bite through.

      The lock is still missing, but I think it is only the architect that is looking for it.. The cats around here seem to think the scaffolding is some sort of new “Katzenbaum” , although my Tabby avoids it. She just prefers to use the props of the scaffolding as a cushion for her head when sleeping.

      I never lived in a village but grew up in London. I certainly prefer the rural life, with all the insects and village life can be very interesting with all the hidden stories, I belonged to the Samariterverein for a few years and was their accountant. I often attended various occasions for first aid help: a local disco, rap evening and the annual football tournament.


  2. Stealing the lock is an interesting idea. The point of the lock is to prevent thefts, so if you steal the lock itself, you aren’t merely stealing it, you are making a statement. I’m not sure what the statement is, but I’m sure one was made.

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    • During the day the lockbwas never used and they always had problems with fixing it in the evening. It could easily have fallen somewhere and got lost in the mess they cleared away in the afternoon. We are not sorry as it makes it easier for us to get to the garden


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