Daily Prompt: Me and Wheels


You want wheels, so here they are. There used to be a normal undergroud passage at the town railway station with a few shops, amd a restaurant. Nothing special, but people would walk through it to get to the station platforms. One day the powers that be decided that parking your bicycle was an inreasing problem at the station. They told the shops to go and the restaurant had to close. We now have a bicycle park. It is enormous with room for 5-600 bikes, but you are lucky if your find an empty space. Of course it is not free, and costs 1 Swiss franc  a day: less if you pay monthy, or even annually.

I can drive a car which has four wheels one on each corner so that is no big problem. With bikes it is a constant problem. On a bike you hae to keep your balance, and balance is not one of my strong points. I can go in a straight line, but the bike always wobbles from side to side. I eventually gave up. I would add that Mr. Swiss also tells me that driving a car is absolutely no problem for me but my steering is not so perfect. It is funny, my driving instructor said exactly the same thing. It is today a wonder that I actually passed the driving test first time, although I did take approximately 90 lessons before he even dared to enter me for the test.

To come to a conclusion, me and wheels were never in agreement with each other, although I am a daredevil in the supermarket with the trolley and steer it in all possible places. My only problem there is on the escalator to and from the first floor where the food is. These escalators were just not built for wheels, or is it me. The trolleys are supposed to settle on the stairs of the escalator and no longer move. I have to jiggle around with the trolley until it decides to remain where it should. When I arrive at the end of the journey, I hope that no-one is in the way when I have to leave, as this could be a problem if my trolley does not want to move further. After 50 years of housewife training you would think I would now be able to do it, but I should take trolley driving lessons.

Supermarket trolley

Daily Prompt: Me and Wheels

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Me and Wheels

  1. A trolley does NOT belong on an escalator. To be fair, I don’t think I belong on one, either. Getting on a downward escalator has always scared me, even when i was a lot young, probably because younger didn’t mean better coordinated!

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    • These are special escalators built for the housewives and housmen with trolleys. It is just that this housewife is still learning. I should really put an “L” on my trolley to make sure people keep out of the way. You should see me at the airport with those big trolleys for luggage, everyone gets out of my way – cannot understand it really.


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