Daily Prompt: The Village Newspaper

Village Newspaper

What a coincidence: today the village newspaper of Feldbrunnen-St. Niklaus where I live arrived in our letter box. It is the event of the month for us with it 15 pages of international village news telling us all the exciting events that happened in the past month. It appears regularly once a month and costs nothing, although as this is No. 5 in June, they seemed to have missed a month somewhere but yes, calendars operate a little slower in our village. The photo on the front page shows the path down from the local castle. If you walk further on you cross the main road cutting through our village and arrive to where we live, not so far, but everything is near in our village.

So what does it contain? The first article tells us all about the beer brewing clubs in the village. There are 3 brewers, not bad for a village only having 923 human beings living there at the last count with just as many chickens and cows counted together. Our bewers are quite busy with a stock of 280 liters of beer and they proudly announce that at the latest theater presentation in Feldbrunnen there was no beer left when  the audience emptied the reserves after the performance.

Yes we have a theater group composed of members of the village population. The last performance was in the village hall on 31.03.2017 and 01.04.2017 and all places were occupied. I did not go, although it would have been an opportunity to take some photos. The name of the piece performed was “Aunt Jutta from Kalkutta” and they proudly tell us that they have now managed to bring some young blood into the group. It was a success with lots of laughter and a satisfied audience. I would have been pleased to join, but they did not ask me.

On page 4 one of the villagers gives us her recipe for Strawberries with strawberry sauce using 3 baskets of strawberries, a banana, lemon juice, sugar, cream and 2 spoonfulls of Cointreau. Our local housewives are always busy with new ideas. We were also celebrating 24 years of the “Chic Bar”. It seems that this organisation is approaching its end as no new members could be found to contnue this organisation. They were probably too busy brewing beer.

There is a report about the second class of the local schol where they were informed that South America was running out of wood and the space for the local animals was getting smaller. The kiddies were told how important recycling discarded items was and so they all went on an excursion to the village of Lohn where the recycling center is. They saw how a car was squashed in a machine and they could even throw cardboard onto a conveyer belt. Eventually there was a competition to see who could throw the most plastic into a crate.  What a fun excursion that must have been.

There is a report about a new company in our village, called “The World of Flags” which moved into our old post office, which no longer exists. Switzerland are closing post offices everywhere. Eventually we will probably have to travel to Zürich to send a parcel or pick one up. Anyhow this flag world has one purpose, to manufacture flags. The test says “a flag is an emotional object. It is more than a piece of material. Although it is exposed to sun, wind and weather. The symbols on a flag are timeless and send out a message. etc. etc. The company seems to be surviving, and having more success than the post office did.

On the last page of this epic work we see who is no longer with us in village life, and a list of the new arrivals. There are a few other aricles covering the work of the culture and performance commission of the village as well as how our village is sharing the costs of looking after refugees from other countries.

So I am sure you are now convinced what an exciting life I lead in our little village, and we even have a our newspaper. I was a little disappointed that our local building site, where I live, was not mentioned, but perhaps they are saving that one for next month.

Feldbrunnen 17.06 (18)

Daily Prompt: The Village Newspaper

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Village Newspaper

    • That sounds interesting. I must check it out. Ours is just a local thing, I don’t even know if it would qualify as a newspaper, but being a small village you know the people mentioned. Feldbrunnen has some entries in Facebook but not their own page. You have to dig deep to find something interesting.


  1. I do like to read local papers when I go somewhere to get a feel for what is important to that community. We have a weekly local paper “The Huon Valley News”. You have to buy it but it is less than $2 and has a handy directory of local tradespeople who advertise in the paper as well as local news, local sports scores and so on. Recently it featured a story about a certain local Op Shop and its gallant band of volunteers. Unfortunately I was away that week and did not get to see it.

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    • Every Kanton in Switzerland has its own newspaper with local and national news. Ours is the Solothurner Zeitung, and is delivered daily as well as being available online. Our village newspaper is not really a newspaper but more a fun paper and is free.


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