Share Your World – June 26, 2017

What goal are you working on now?

My first successful novel “My life as a blogger”. I am also thinking about working on an Oscar, but no-one wants to have me in their film. I would so much like to play the leading lady together with Brad Pitt, or even George Clooney as leading man. I am not fussy. I think I will just be satisfied as the fastest with a walking stick, I will overtake them all.

What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?

Outside Marrakesh
I once drove a jeep through the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. We were in Marrakesh, Morocco on a journey sponsored by the company where my husband worked and there were all sorts of events organised. One was that we all got a 4-wheel drive jeep and drove an obstacle course through the hills. Of course all the men took the steering wheel . We had to drive the course twice and I am proud to say I was the only wife that took the steering wheel on the second round of the journey. Today I would not do it.

Did you choose your profession or did it choose you?

Cee my way was similar to yours. I did a year commercial course and was a qualified shorthand typist/secretary as we said it then. It is true, that job no longer exists as such, but I always worked in an office and became an export clerk. Although that job still exists, it is not the same as it was – everything has to go faster and better and the work has been streamlined. I sent goods all over the world from the beginning until it arrived, could apply my foreign language knowledge. Today you would only do part of the work, and someone else would do the rest, but I learned a lot.

Have you ever gotten lost?

Oh often, especially on holidays in the Bernese Overland, but I was never alone. Mr. Swiss and the kids were with me. We would walk mountain paths everywhere following the signposts and suddenly we missed a turn or a sign post and found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. Once we were on our lost way and saw a farmhouse so asked the farmer’s wife how to get further. She gave us instructions but not without asking if we would like a drink of milk. She was so nice, we did not want to disappoint her, but I hate drinking milk, especially as her milk was more or less straight from the cow.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Life went on as usual last week, and for that I am glad. I am looking forward to some cooler days this week. The sun has done its job and can hide behind a cloud or two or three.

Share Your World – June 26, 2017

Daily Prompt: The Village Newspaper

Village Newspaper

What a coincidence: today the village newspaper of Feldbrunnen-St. Niklaus where I live arrived in our letter box. It is the event of the month for us with it 15 pages of international village news telling us all the exciting events that happened in the past month. It appears regularly once a month and costs nothing, although as this is No. 5 in June, they seemed to have missed a month somewhere but yes, calendars operate a little slower in our village. The photo on the front page shows the path down from the local castle. If you walk further on you cross the main road cutting through our village and arrive to where we live, not so far, but everything is near in our village.

So what does it contain? The first article tells us all about the beer brewing clubs in the village. There are 3 brewers, not bad for a village only having 923 human beings living there at the last count with just as many chickens and cows counted together. Our bewers are quite busy with a stock of 280 liters of beer and they proudly announce that at the latest theater presentation in Feldbrunnen there was no beer left when  the audience emptied the reserves after the performance.

Yes we have a theater group composed of members of the village population. The last performance was in the village hall on 31.03.2017 and 01.04.2017 and all places were occupied. I did not go, although it would have been an opportunity to take some photos. The name of the piece performed was “Aunt Jutta from Kalkutta” and they proudly tell us that they have now managed to bring some young blood into the group. It was a success with lots of laughter and a satisfied audience. I would have been pleased to join, but they did not ask me.

On page 4 one of the villagers gives us her recipe for Strawberries with strawberry sauce using 3 baskets of strawberries, a banana, lemon juice, sugar, cream and 2 spoonfulls of Cointreau. Our local housewives are always busy with new ideas. We were also celebrating 24 years of the “Chic Bar”. It seems that this organisation is approaching its end as no new members could be found to contnue this organisation. They were probably too busy brewing beer.

There is a report about the second class of the local schol where they were informed that South America was running out of wood and the space for the local animals was getting smaller. The kiddies were told how important recycling discarded items was and so they all went on an excursion to the village of Lohn where the recycling center is. They saw how a car was squashed in a machine and they could even throw cardboard onto a conveyer belt. Eventually there was a competition to see who could throw the most plastic into a crate.  What a fun excursion that must have been.

There is a report about a new company in our village, called “The World of Flags” which moved into our old post office, which no longer exists. Switzerland are closing post offices everywhere. Eventually we will probably have to travel to Zürich to send a parcel or pick one up. Anyhow this flag world has one purpose, to manufacture flags. The test says “a flag is an emotional object. It is more than a piece of material. Although it is exposed to sun, wind and weather. The symbols on a flag are timeless and send out a message. etc. etc. The company seems to be surviving, and having more success than the post office did.

On the last page of this epic work we see who is no longer with us in village life, and a list of the new arrivals. There are a few other aricles covering the work of the culture and performance commission of the village as well as how our village is sharing the costs of looking after refugees from other countries.

So I am sure you are now convinced what an exciting life I lead in our little village, and we even have a our newspaper. I was a little disappointed that our local building site, where I live, was not mentioned, but perhaps they are saving that one for next month.

Feldbrunnen 17.06 (18)

Daily Prompt: The Village Newspaper

Good Morning


It is a peaceful scene on my kitchen table in the morning when I arise and make my way for breakfast and the computer. Do not judge a book by its cover. In the background one of the merry builders is hammering on metal. He probably had withdrawal symptoms over the week-end and could not wait to get back to his building site and tools. Oh, happy day – there is a coming and going in front of my kitchen window of men carrying large objects and afterwards climbing the scaffolding to arrive at the roof.


I had a surprise last Friday, as I heard a female voice on the buiding site. I was sitting at my computer in my “office” and was greeted by one of the chief builders on his way to the roof followed by a young lady. At last equality for the women, although I did not see her sticking cladding on the walls or applying a pneumatic tool. She was occupied in carrying parcels of styropor cladding material for the building work. I asked if it was the new secret weapon the builders had, and the boss told me she was doing a holiday job helping out and gathering experience. I had my telephone camera ready as always and they both posed for a photo. When I see her wearing a steel helmet I know that at last women have achieved equal status with the men, although I prefer the men especially on the hot summer days when they dress in cooler clothing. I have already seen a pair of bare legs standing on the scaffolding in front of the kitchen window, wearing running shoes and shorts – oh what a life.

Thirsty Buddleia

In the meanwhile we have slight drought problems in the garden. Of course we give water every evening but at the moment it is not enough as the ground cannot manage to absorb enough water. My buddleia has drooping leaves, but is full of buds and I am hoping that it survives the summer heat. I have now begun to give water in the evening and morning to save what can be saved. Temperatures have now dropped to a normal summer level.

I just had a phone call from No. 2 son. Actually I was going to call him today as it is his 43rd birthday and I wanted to congratulate. At this time 43 years ago I was laying the clinic  with Mr. Swiss at my side. It is now 8.25 a.m. and son No. 2 arrived at 10.45 a.m. However, he is now at Zürich airport waiting for the passport control on his way to one of those international conferences in Dublin and he called us. It seems my future grandchild is growing and expanding on its way to making its first public appearance in September.

Yesterday I did not go for any walks and decided to take it easy. I have photographed everything to be photographed in the area and so spent a few minutes in the east side of the garden, where it is cooler, to see how my plants were growing. Everything is a bit of a mess this year with all this building work, it is really too much stress to have a perfect garden as well. I can only hope that everything gets back to normal next year.

And now to move on, shopping day today with all its perks of meeting the butcher and the lady at the cash desk and making sure I do not forget anything. Keep well, be kind to your computers and keep the keyboard clean (mine is a little sticky at the moment from breakfast). In the meanwhile my avocado is still growing in its second year, one day I will send a photo of the first fruit.

Avocado 25.06.2017