Good Morning

Feldbrunnen 24.06 (6)

Went for another evening walk yesterday evening to the local castle Waldegg on a hill. The sun had arrived again yesterday afternoon in its full heat but in the evening it tends to cool down so I was convinced I could make it up to the top of the hill. I made it, although I felt like a marathon runner on the last few meters when I arrived at my destination. At the beginning it was no problem, but as you go further, the hill gets steeper, and eventually you ask why you do such stupid exercises when you are a golden oldie walking with a stick for support.

However I made it in one piece and took my position on the bench. There were no crowds watching me and clapping when I arrived. Actually I felt like the only person alive until a lady, not quite golden oldie, but on the way, walked passed dressed in a nice cool summer dress and took a seat on the next bench: then this appeared.

Dog 24.06 (2)

The dog was all on his own, but seemed to have a target to aim for. I just had to take the photo, he filled out my screen on the camera. He was not one of those mega dogs that you could saddle if you wanted a ride, but I suppose just normal sized for big dog. He stopped awhile and had a sniff in the meadow and walked on. The mystery was solved, as the lady that had passed me to the next bench was the owner of the dog. Afterwards they both stayed awhile admiring the view from the top.

Feldbrunnen 24.06 (7)

A reason for seeing few people was probably because they were all in the town of Solothurn at the annual market festival. I used to go myself, and was a few times on duty in the first aid tent as a helper, although on my shift there were only a few cuts and heat problems to solve. The later shift had more to do when the beer had began to flow in the evening and a few victims of the festivities appeared. The town is full of market stalls and everywhere there are restaurants with benches outside. There is a stage for various bands and in the evening it develops into a rock festival – nothing spectacular, just the local musicians. Needless to say my No. 1 son was not home in the evening, he had better things to do in the town.

Suddenly there was noise in the air at the top of the hill where I was sitting. On Saturday evening at 8.00 p.m. the church bells all ring together for a quarter of an hour and you could hear them from the local town and the surrounding villages, it is quite a concert.

Feldbrunnen 24.06 (9)

The village church of Feldbrunnen also joined in, although I took the photo ten minutes before the bells began to ring. I decided it was time to make the descent as I had now recovered enough from the steep climb up the hill (for me). I discovered that walking down the slope was much easier and quicker than walking up and of course there were cows in the field at the bottom of the path – again. You just cannot escape from them in our village, they are everywhere: where there is grass, a cow is not far away.

Cows 24.06 (1)

I was soon home again so Mr. Swiss could breathe a sigh of relief. You may ask why he does not accompany me on my walks, that is quite easy. He walks normally, with a spring in his step, in spite of the eight years plus age difference. He would reach the castle on the upwards path about half an hour earler than me. I like to do it in my own slow motion pace. In any case he likes to watch the daily news on the TV in the evening and has peace and quiet when I am on one of my marathon walks.

He said “they” predicted it might rain in the night so I put my plants on the table on the porch. Otherwise they have a new place balanced on the scaffolding in front of  our appartment where they have light and air. This morning I looked outside when rising and realised it had not rained, and today it will not rain. We have dull skies, but I am convinced the sun will appear some time this morning.

Wihing you all a restful Sunday and a pleasant day.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Such a lovely post…. well, did it rain in the end? We yearn here for some rain but when it comes eventually, I’m sure it will be far too much, too quickly and drown things. The soil is so parched it’s totally burnt and brown, no grass or lawn just prairie…. but it’s also wonderful to stay inside the cool house and only come out at 8.30pm – then, if we’re lucky, in a gentle breeze doing some 90′ of watering the garden – having a bite to eat, drink some more – and pray that the air in the bedroom has cooled down with the now wide open windows to a somewhat breathable temperature!

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    • No rain, but now normal summer temperatures with a light breeze now and again. We have watered the garden regularly but some of the plants still have hanging heads. It now needs a real drenching rain. On top of it all we are living in a building site where the complete block is being renovated. Our indoor temperatures in the evening are ok and I can sleep well. Outside in the evening it is perfect. At the moment.I am writing this outside on the porch on my iPad.


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