Daily Prompt: It is not an illusion

Chinese Bellflower with thumb

“Look, I could hardly believe it, but my Chinese bellflowers survived the building work and are flowering again.”

“Very nice, but what’s that pink blob on the lefthand corner?”

“Oh, I didn’t see that. The sun was shining on the mobile phone camera lens and I coldn’t see the reflection very well, I think it might be my thumb.”

“Your thumb? It’s very big, looks more like a complete finger.”

“No it is only my thumb, a trick of the lens. I will have to take another photo. It doesn’t look very good.”

“I would definitely take another photo, you can only see half the flower. Where are you going with that watering can.”

“I have my special plants in the garden, all in pots, and I give them fertiliser once a week.

“They don’t look and different than the other plants. What is so special about them?”

“I have had them for many years now in their pots. I even have two avocados that are growing.”

“When can we pick the fruit?”

“Funny man, probably never, I just wanted to try to see if it would work. You never know, one day I might have a harvest.”

“In Switzerland in the snow and ice? You seem to have better results with growing thumbs on the photos.”

“Very funny. Photos like that have won prizes.”

“Yes I must admit, it is a perfect reproduction of a thumb. Perhaps it might make it on the front page of the doctor’s journal in an article “How to ensure that the thumb survives when taking a photo.

And be careful with that watering can. that you might spill some of the magical fertilised water.”


“If you spill some on your thumb, you thumb will grow twice its size and the next time you will only have a photo of the thumb. You can now spare the effort. It looks like it will rain, the sun has disappeared. No, something is covering the sunlinght. What is that growing in the garden and casting a shadow everywhere.”

“I think it might be my avocado tree. The guy I bought the fetiliser from said it was a special mixture for avocados, but I should not overdo it.”

“Ouch, something hit me.”

“Funny he is now unconscious, I don’t think he is breathing.  Must have been that avocado that just fell on his head from the tree in the garden. That must be some fertisiliser. Serves me right buying stuff on the market from people dressed in black robes with their faces hidden in a hood. And he was such a great guy. He even had a proper scythe to cut the stalks of the flowers he was selling. He said he never had customers returning to complain.”

Daily Prompt: It is not an illusion

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