Flower of the Day: Peony with Rose Chafer

Rose Bug on Peony 23.05.2017

This was my Asian peony when it was flowering about a month ago. One of the rose chafer bugs had decided to take a rest on the flower. I love those bugs, so brightly coloured, but I call them the Kamikaze pilots of the bug world, as they often mistake a window and want to fly through it. The result is a crash with the window and a stunned bug afterwards. I have rescued many of them when they lay on their back squiggling with their legs in the air.

Flower of the Day: Peony with Rose Chafer

Daily Prompt: It is not an illusion

Chinese Bellflower with thumb

“Look, I could hardly believe it, but my Chinese bellflowers survived the building work and are flowering again.”

“Very nice, but what’s that pink blob on the lefthand corner?”

“Oh, I didn’t see that. The sun was shining on the mobile phone camera lens and I coldn’t see the reflection very well, I think it might be my thumb.”

“Your thumb? It’s very big, looks more like a complete finger.”

“No it is only my thumb, a trick of the lens. I will have to take another photo. It doesn’t look very good.”

“I would definitely take another photo, you can only see half the flower. Where are you going with that watering can.”

“I have my special plants in the garden, all in pots, and I give them fertiliser once a week.

“They don’t look and different than the other plants. What is so special about them?”

“I have had them for many years now in their pots. I even have two avocados that are growing.”

“When can we pick the fruit?”

“Funny man, probably never, I just wanted to try to see if it would work. You never know, one day I might have a harvest.”

“In Switzerland in the snow and ice? You seem to have better results with growing thumbs on the photos.”

“Very funny. Photos like that have won prizes.”

“Yes I must admit, it is a perfect reproduction of a thumb. Perhaps it might make it on the front page of the doctor’s journal in an article “How to ensure that the thumb survives when taking a photo.

And be careful with that watering can. that you might spill some of the magical fertilised water.”


“If you spill some on your thumb, you thumb will grow twice its size and the next time you will only have a photo of the thumb. You can now spare the effort. It looks like it will rain, the sun has disappeared. No, something is covering the sunlinght. What is that growing in the garden and casting a shadow everywhere.”

“I think it might be my avocado tree. The guy I bought the fetiliser from said it was a special mixture for avocados, but I should not overdo it.”

“Ouch, something hit me.”

“Funny he is now unconscious, I don’t think he is breathing.  Must have been that avocado that just fell on his head from the tree in the garden. That must be some fertisiliser. Serves me right buying stuff on the market from people dressed in black robes with their faces hidden in a hood. And he was such a great guy. He even had a proper scythe to cut the stalks of the flowers he was selling. He said he never had customers returning to complain.”

Daily Prompt: It is not an illusion

Good Morning

River Aare 23.06 (8)

Guess who went for a walk yesterday evening? Yes, I dared to go out again. Since last week-end I was at home except for a few exciting excursions to the supermarket. I had the time in the evening, but not the energy, although I think it was more a head thing than a body thing. I was reading a good book that I really did not want to put down until finished – The Scarred Woman by Jussi Adler Olsen, one of his best. I was reading it on Mr. Swiss older iPad which he actually gave No. 1 son as he likes to listen to his favourite pop groups and watch on Youtube and other web sites. I felt a bit guilty using it although son No. 1 did not say anything, but now he has it again. I usually upload my own books on my Kindle, but if we both want to read the same, then we save double the costs by reading on each other’s iPad where we have both installed the Kindle app – oh what a cyber golden oldie team we are.

Cows 23.06 (1)

I decided to take the path to the River Aare and the bull and his brides were still grazing on the field next to the river bank. That bull is really leading a perfect life. His women look after all his needs. I was a little worried before I took off on my walk whether I could manage it after the heatwave we have experienced in the last week, but I was pleasantly surprised that I managed quite well with the walking. It was so peaceful along the river and there was a pleasant cool breeze blowing. In the evening it is quieter than usual. Many have now taken to the water with their boats, enjoying the coolness of the evening .

River Aare 23.06 (17)

I sat a while on my bench on the river bank and then began the ascent of the 69 steps to the top of the hill. I met a young couple before moving on and the lady spontaneously asked me if she could be of assistance, noticing my walking stick. It was a very nice gesture, but I assured her that I could manage OK. They are the perks in life which put you in a good mood. Anyhow I climbed the steps  and am quite proud to be able to do it without making a pause on the way.

River Aare 23.06 (20)

There is another stratigically placed bench at the top of the climb and is a good look out for photos. You have a view to the other side of the river extending to the hills before the alps begin to show. As it was a sunny day with heat there was not such a good view of the alps, but the corn fields ripening were just as good a view. A goods train appeared on the railway for some action, and I noticed there were automatic sprinklers watering the fields.

Stork 23.06 (3)

I looked up and saw a big  bird in the sky. Yes, it was a bird and not Superman. My knowledge of birds is not so good, but I was sure this was a stork, as it was really big. We have a stork colony in the village of Altreu further along the river. It was founded by a teacher at the local high school and I remember my step son having biology lessons with him. In the meanwhile the teacher has passed away, but the stork colony still exists. It used to be stationary, but now it is only a base for the storks, and they are encouraged to fly, which is an advantage if you happen to find them with your camera. The only problem is that if they happen to settle on the roof where you live they do tend to make a mess – storks have quite a digestive process. Sometimes they sit on the lamp posts along the road. This time there were two circling above my head so I did my best for a photo. I did not have the zoom lens on the camera, but the 200 lens, so got a clear photo.

It was now time to move on, although I warned Mr. Swiss that I would probably rest awhile on the way to take in the scenery. I was suprised that everything went so well. I felt really good when I got home and refreshed. I was really glad to get out for a while. As I was on the home stretch, I, at last, could take a few photos of the lavender we have growing around the trees in our settlement.

Lavender23.06 (3)

This morning the sun is nowhere to be seen but still quite warm – it is summer of course. I am glad for a little cooling down. I have no plans today, but who knows, perhaps another walk might be made this evening. It was so good to get out yesterday.