Good Morning


Today there were clouds in the sky, a rare appearance in the last few days. Yesterday we also heard the distant rumbles of thunder, but all a figment of the imagination it seems. The temperatures are now at least stable, but “they” say it will get cooler. Something is wrong somewhere when we have the record of the centuary for June heat. I blame it on the politicians, they are guilty of everything these days, so why not the weather. They let off hot air most of the time.

At last I have found a decent pot of basil in the supermarket. I have a herb garden which serves its purpose well, but no basil. It would not survive the winter in the garden, so either I plant seeds or buy a plant in Summer. My seed attempts succeed quite well, but I have got lazy and cannot be bothered. We like a tomato salad. I slice it and spread it on a large plate, with basil and mozarella cheese in between the tomato slices: spice it up and cover with a home made sauce – no problem.  The problem is continuously buying little packets of basil in the store, but at last they have seen the sense and are selling larger pots. Now I just have to make the salad.

No problem when you have a Mr. Swiss who is always willing. Unfortunately this sort of tomato salad was not in his repertoire. He did his best, but I took over and rescued the rest. He really does not have to do everything, otherwise I would be redundant, would no longer have a purpose in my housewife life.

It is another day, not only with the heat, but the sound of merry builders hammering their hearts out. As far as I can see the cladding of the east side of the building has now been completed and it is mainly the noise from the work on the roof that we now hear. I celebrated by cleaning my windows on the east side yesterday, hoping there will be no more styrofoam snow settling on them during the day. The next step will be the grinding of the foam surface of the building to iron away the joints. That will be fun with a possiblity of suffocating on the cladding particles of the surface, although we are absolutely not in the picture of the way of the builders . Perhaps they will begin and finish the west surface of the building before the grinding begins. One way or the other, the whole thing is getting on my nerves.

I was going to construct a shopping list on my mobile phone cloud yesterday but gave up. No. 1 son will not be here for meals on Friday and Saturday evening as he has some sort of concert in town with a couple of groups he knows, so we will be alone to design our own meal, but no-one really feels like eating in this heat. We decided again to bascially eat simple plain meals with less cooking, but even there the choice is limited. At least it is only for two people. No. 1 son eats a lot, basically he is not fussy, but his autistic trait forbids him to eat vegetables that are green. I have the impression he only eats salad to do us a favour.

And now to move on, there are duties to be fulfilled with a vacuum cleaner, and afterwards an excursion to the local supermarket. I might even be driving the car, if my backseat driver promises not to give instructions on the way. I stopped driving for a week as two of us cannot drive. I was politely asked again to drive and everything went smoothly. Do I really make people nervous when I am driving?

Renovation 21.06 (5)

The half naked guy with the spectacular torso amongst the builders has still not arrived, but I saw a lonely coca cola bottle resting on the scaffolding, so who knows, I still have hopes that he will get thirsty and have a drink in front of my window.

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