Daily Prompt: Comitted to an air conditioner

Air conditioner

I am not a fan of air-conditioning. I am perhaps old fasioned, but grew up in a world where you took breaths of air outside and just had to put up with what happened inside. In the East End of London in our house built in 1884, you had no big choice. It was a hot summer, so throw open the windows and hope that somewhere there was a slight breeze. If there was no breeze, then you had bad luck.

And so it came to pass that I moved to Switzerland, got married, had a family and am now a golden oldie with my golden oldie Mr. Swiss and we have a record summer heat. The hottest this century in June according to the statistics. With my background of east end psychology I just have to put up with it. However, Mr. Swiss is Swiss and somehow there is a different level of reasoning. They do something about it, the do not put up with things. He noticed in Internet that you can now have your own air conditioning machine for the home.

I worked in an office for 30 years with air conditioning and was not exactly full of enthusiasm, being glad to leave the office and take lungfuls of normal outside air. Mr. Swiss on the contrary, would close the blinds at home and the windows to keep the heat out and close the doors to keep temepratures down. He is Swiss and I am a Brit – perhaps a conflict of opinions.

So last week he discovered the dream of hot weather, the solution to the problem. Yesterdy he calmly announced that our airconditioner would be delivered today with the post and it was a special price I did not really want to know what it cost.  I acknowledged this wise statement and reminded him we go shopping Friday morning. However he said no problem, it would arrive much earlier. This morning the postman only rang once already at 9.00 a.m. and Mr. Swiss disappeared for a quater of an hour. He reappeared to say the air conditioning machine, packed in layers of paper and I assume bubbl wrap, was now in the cellar.  I did not see the packed object, but today everything is packed in bubble wrap. He had to move it on our trolley and would remove the packaging material later.  Later was when I had finished my daily chores and disappeared into the shower. He disappeared again and returned triumphantly with our new air conditioner.

I have a sneaky feeling he was not completely in the picture how to set it up and I did not really want know. I decided air conditioning was his business, he was the expert.

It was still sitting in the living room when we went shopping. Apprently the plastic flexible tube (see photo) had to have an exit to the outside for expelling the hot air. As the only window with an exit would be the one for Tabby’s cat flap, we had to find another solution as this was too small for the mega width of the attached tube. This afternoon he found the answer to his problem and now it is sitting next to an open window in the living room. I do not know if this is the professional solution for an air conditioner, but surprisngly it is working quite well. Needless to say I am still writing my blogs in my little room with the window open and the door closed where I have light and air. Who needs an air conditioner? I do not really trust this 8th world wonder and stated that it will not be left on its own when working.

Daily Prompt: Comitted to an air conditioner

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Comitted to an air conditioner

  1. I do not like air conditioning although I accept it as a necessity in parts of the world. I had Pneumonia a few years ago and I’m convinced it came from the air con in the hotel we stayed at.

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    • I am not a fan of air conditioning at all, although I must say in the supermarket it serves its purpose. We even get sparrows in the supermarket that find their way inside through the AC. AC tends to circulate everything including bugs and virus. There is nothing like the good old fresh air outside, even if mine in London did come from the docks and the east end factories. At least we knew what we were breathing.

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  2. Funny story. I enjoyed it. I wanted to tell you how much I like the picture of the cows in your header. I love cows. Have always wanted one, but that ship has sailed so to speak. But I do enjoy looking at pictures of them.

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  3. I had one of those for a short time. I hated it and it made no difference in the temperature of even one room — but that was probably the fault of the room (huge, vaulted ceiling, no insulation). It went back to the store. I hope yours is happier in your environment — it seems it should be. 🙂

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    • I am not sure if that is the same. There is a huge wide plastic tube that has to be put through the window to get rid of the warm air. At first ours was next to a window on one side of the living room where no-one really stis in any case during the day. It has now been shifted and is now better placed.


  4. I should point out that HOME air conditioning it a whole different critter than in malls and airplanes. You are only circulating you OWN air and if you use, as we do, window air conditioners, they use outside air anyway. Anyhow, if you have asthma and you want to breathe in this humidity, you need a little help.

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    • I know. My friend in England had air conditioning put into her home professionally. I was there last year and was not impressed. Air conditioning does not impress me in any case, but not my problem. I have a nice room with my computer that is on the shady side of the appartment during the afternoon. I do not need that constant air circulation and cold air, Not my problem, but who am I to pass a remark. I just avoid the room when it is running – too much noise for my taste, My problem with the heat is the enhancement of my MS symptoms, but I can live with that.


  5. I’m half with you and half with Mr Swiss on this one. In South Australia the summers were very hot and we did not have air-con. We kept the curtains and doors closed in the heat of the day and opened up in the evening to get a breeze but when it was forty degrees plus every day for weeks it did not help much and I hated having the curtains closed during the day as it made the house too dark. I’d have been glad of an air conditioner there but we found a better solution. We moved to Tasmania.
    Here I have a reverse cycle airconditioner which is mainly used for heating but very occasionally if we have a hot spell i might run it for a while to cool the living area down. I don’t like the windows and doors open all the time because of flies.

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    • Tasmania sounds so exotic. Air conditioners serve their purpose in the stores or In the workplace. I am just not so keen on the constant noise at home, they make me nervous. There is also a question of cost. This year is the record heat of the century which I hope is an exception. The next problem will probably be the use of too much water on the gardens.


  6. It gets way too hot here in Florida to not have A/C. We keep ours set a bit high because the A/C really eats up the energy and I am not a fan of high electric bills. We are in the minority in that we use the air-conditioner about 6 months out of the year. Some use it much more than that.

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    • I dislike this monster. I suppose it has its advantages, but we do not live in the tropics and for the couple of weeks in the year when we have hot summer days, I can manage without it. I find them an electric eater.


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