Good Morning

Cows 17.06 (1)

I think this cow wanted to tell me something, but as I do not speak moo I never found out what it was. It is another hot one today and it seems the heat wave is remaining until next week on Tuesday. I can manage with it, but will be glad when it cools down and perhaps a shower of rain or two.

Yesterday I had a hot weather programme – no cooking, just salad and the trimmings. It was almost a relief to go to the store as they have air conditioning. I am not a lover of air conditioning, but just now and again is not too bad in between. It seems we can buy a stand alone air conditioner and do not have to have the complete apartment equipped. In a month no-one will be talking about heat waves probably, so I do not really see the point. At the moment we have all windows open and there is a pleasant breeze blowing through. However as soon as the heat turns on it will be curtains closed and windows closed to keep the heat wave outside.

Today there were no half-naked builders in front of my window – what a disappointment. However, I heard them on the roof, and the upper floors with their hammers, drills and flame throwing torches, if only they could fix silencers on the tools.

Talking of silencers, we were in the car park at the supermarket and a car, Toyota, pulled in next to ours. It seemed to appear from nowhere, and then I noticed there was no accompanying motor noise. It was completely silent. Mr. Swiss said it must be an electric car. I saw a car yesterday advertising driving lessons only for Tesla cars. Again I asked the expert, and was told that would be driving lessons for only electric powered cars, Tesla being one of the makers. Does that mean that we no longer will have to tank gas and everyone will gradually get an electric point on the outside wall of their buildings to upload their cars overnight? Roads will  become silent places and golden oldies like us might have problems not hearing the car coming when crossing the road.

Yesterday someone dared to ring our doorbell as we were having our midday golden oldie sleep which is sacred. We live on the ground floor and it is always the easiest solution to ring our bell when the neighbours are not at home. Actually the apartment next to ours has been empty since April. It was rented and the people moved away in time before the big build and I do not blame them. Of course no-one is going to move in at the moment with all the dirt and destruction occurring around us and so there is no-one there to open the door and the next door is ours. We are friendly people basically, but not when we are slowly slipping into our dormant stage at lunch time. There was a female telling us they want to adjust the outside water tap to the size of the new facade and make the attachment longer and whether we had the key.

Mr. Swiss dealt with her, was not over friendly, and told her to ring the owners of the appartment. She said they had to do the job now, and we told her it was none of our business. She departed so we do not know how she solved her problem. Our midday sleep was ruined, although I remained hugging the bed. I do not have to sleep, but just relax: family Angloswiss are not available after lunch, that is law in our four walls.

And now to move on to something completely different whilst the sun is still on the cool side. Of course I cannot leave you without the building photo of the day. They had to remove the solid stone steps to our windows. This was the job for a weight lifter, carrying that weight.

Renovation 19.06 (4)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh, what a clever you to find that Beatles cover to echo your closing sentence! And may ‘smiles await you when you rise’ from your Golden Slumbers that have ‘kissed your eyes’. Despite construction noise, of course. xx

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    • That guy really had problems to lift that weight, it was solid stone and that song came to my mind. I sleep OK in spie of the noise. When you grow up in the East End of London, noise is part of daily life.

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  2. That Beatles medley I alway think of my brother. When he called, he always said, “This is your brother Kirk. You know, the heavy one.” I only had one brother and that is a weight I will definitely carry a long time. ❤

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      • Yeah — Boys Town, an orphanage in Omaha, had that as its saying. We visited it a couple of times as kids. The legend was that a boy came in with his little (crippled?) brother on his back. Father Flanagan, the founder of the orphanage, said, “He must be heavy” and the older boy said, “He ain’t heavy, Father. He’s my brother.” I felt that way about my brother but then… Anyway, my brother was making a sad, ironic joke about the burden that he was.

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  3. I drove a couple of electric cars when they first came out. The silence is a bit weird when you are used to the sound of an engine. No roar of the engine starting. That was maybe 12 or 13 years ago when they were still relatively new. i understand they have come a long way. At the time, they were extremely expensive and could only sit two people, not even room for a bag of groceries. Now, we just can’t afford them. Also, I don’t think they do well in snow.

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    • Yes they are very expensive. They are now normal sized and you see more every day. They look the same as a normal car, but make no noise and of course don’t smell.


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