Good Morning


And the golden sun rises in the East and shines on a little village hamlet somewhere in Switzerland where the builders are already beginning the day. We are having a heat wave at the moment, so ladies be prepared. You know that advertisement where all the girls stare outside through the window, watching the young guy with bare torso flexing his muscles and drinking Coca Cola from the bottle and swoon, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. I have a whole troop of builders in front of my window, we have temperatures now in the mid thirties centigrade and yes, they are now dressed in short trousers: wait for it, the are not wearing their t-shirts. Unfortunately they are not flexing their muscles or drinking Coca Cola, but they do have interesting tattoos on their upper body.

My first view of the morning, before breakfast, was a half naked builder flexing muscles, perhaps hidden by others layers of body tissue, in front of my window. He was hauling large parcels of  cladding material to his colleagues (also half dressed) on the upper floors. What could be better? Yes there are also advantages in building work.

The disadvantage of the weather is that we are very uncomfortable in this heat wave. Yesterday it was announced the hottest summer since  20 years and it is not good. I read somewhere in my MS information that heat enhances the symptoms in most cases, but I think such heat enhances everyone’s symptoms of anything. I was thinking about a walk yesterday evening when it would cool down, but I spent the evening recovering from the heat of the day at home. My cat Tabby is still searching for the zip on her fur coat.


She has now found a cooler place outside and has decided to settle down for a sleep on the porch. Perhaps the heat might go away – this is a live photo showing her displeasure at the hot weather.

I found it too hot to cook for lunch, so Mr. Swiss and I have had to revise the eating plan. We have settled for a beef salad with the trimmings. I do not want to slave over a hot stove, and definitely not eat cooked food.

I had a problem with my iPad this morning, it did not want to do what it should and kept losing the Safari connection. I did a restart now and again which worked for a minute until it collapsed again. I was hugging the bed and really did not want to rise so early, but the solution was found. My iPad had a stuffed up browser, and with a little help from Mr. Swiss I discovered where to unstuff it and it is now working again. There is nothing worse than having an iPad which is not working with all its connections early in the morning. It can destroy the day, but thank goodness for the builders in their heat wave dress. It made me forget everything. OK, but a golden oldie also has to have her little pleasures in life.

I will now go, there are better things to do than look out of the window staring at half naked men. See you around later and just to prove it, I also enjoy other things when looking out of my window. My spiraea is flowering at the moment. The builders are on the other side of the building – unfortunately 🙂


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I find It is so annoying when these things happen, especially when it distrubs the daily online routine. I tend to do a lot of surfing around on my iPad which eventually causes a traffic jam. I should really make a routine of cleaning out the browser daily.


  1. I would be displeased too with the heat. We’ve been getting records temps (over here) of 115 the past 3 days. Meekah has taken to hiding in dark cool of the closet for daily naps. She likes getting her morning patrol done as early as possible before it gets too hot..

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    • Tabby is also not keen on the heat. She sleeps all day inside and this afternoon disappeared unde a bed. In the evening she usually lays on the. Lawn when it is cooler. We have about 32 C here, but Germany are getting 40, although I just heard they had a storm with tornado thrown in in the northern part.

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