One Word Photo Challenge: Glue


I asked Mr. Swiss “do we have any glue?”. So he look worried and asked what was broken. I reassured him it was for a challenge. He nodded knowingly and said he has a tube somewhere. I found having a tube of glue is not exactly the fulfilment of my quest.

I was preparing lunch, Casimir Rice with all the fruit and curry powder and a touch of whipped cream (more than a touch for me). I needed a small tin of pineapple and then I saw it. As I was preparing to put the metal in the collection there were two remainders of glue on the tin where the label had been attached. This is something better than a tube of glue.

One Word Photo Challenge: Glue

Daily Prompt: Don’t touch my things


“Where’s my keys?”

“No idea.”

“But I opened the door with them when we came home.”

“I don’t know where you put your keys. Have a look in your handbag.”

“I always leave them in the door when I come home. I don’t put them in my handbag.”

“Well have a good look, you are always mislaying something. Perhaps they are in the bathroom.”

“I am not in the habit of putting my keys in the bathroom.”

“But you went to the bathroom when we came home, and probably put them on the side of the sink. Humans are creatures of strange habits sometimes.”

“I am not in the habit of putting my keys on the sink in the bathroom, I always put them in the door when I come home. And before you ask, I had a look in the bathroom just to keep you happy, and they are not there.”

“Then try the bed.”

“I do not put my keys on the bed.”

“But you did last week when you came home from a walk.”

“That was last week and I immediately put them in the front door afterwards. They were only a few minutes on the bed while I was changing my shoes.”

“And you went to the bathroom afterwards”

“Are you now following me around?”

“Just trying to help. I don’t know why I bother. No thanks or appreciation. They are your keys, not mine.”

“And you always find your keys of course.”

“No need to get iffy with me. You mislaid your keys, it is not my fault.”

“Ok Mr. Clever, so where are your keys?”

Where they always are of course. In my jacket pocket.”

“Which jacket pocket. You have at least three jackets hanging on coat hangers.”

“Obviouly in the pocket of the jacket I was wearing last.”

“You mean the leather jacket.”

“Of course.”

“OK, show me.”

“Am I now under interrogation just because you forgot where you put your key?”

“I did not forget where I put my key. I always put in the door when I come home and now it is not there.”

“My door key is in the pocket of my leather jacket, here. Oh, it was, did you remove it?”

“Sorry,  I do not put my hands in your jacket pockets, that would be meddling.”

“Take that silly smile off your face. I remember it was raining and was wearing my raincoat. Look here the are – or that is where they should be.”

“Well, two choices out of three and now there in only one jacket left, the light sommer jacket.”

“Of course, it was a warm day and I chose that jacket. Look, there are my keys.”

“Not quite, they are my keys.”

“You see, you put them in my jacket.”

“No way, I never put my hand in your jacket pocket, too much respect for the contents. At least I now have my keys, which you put mistkenly in your own jacket pocket, but where are your keys?”

“Just a minute, I have found them.”

“Strange, two sets of keys in the same jacket pocket: your set and my set. Humans are creatures of habit I suppose.”

Daily Prompt: Don’t touch my things

Good Morning

Dawn over the renovation

Once there were roses flowering everywhere in June, now they have only become a small detail in the morning view. We can only celebrate sunrise over our own little private building site. At least we have silence on this side of the house at the moment, and can just hear the distant sound of a flame thrower somewhere on the facade heating up for the day. There was a little meeting of chef builders and one of us this morning. Unfortunately the “one of us” seems to have strange ideas, so who knows what has now been decided.

In the meanwhile life goes on. It will be a hot one today with 32° C temperatures so it will be a dark day inside, with shades closed and doors closed to keep the heat out and the dust and dirt from the builders as well.

I have some occupational therapy with cleaning the bathroom, although I did a little bit of preliminaries yesterday. There is no shopping to be done. and life is a little boring at the moment so I decided to take a look at Facebook and now am wondering why. The only interesting posting I found was from Simon’s Cat and that was a repeat as well.

Yesterday evening I found an interesting moth sitting on the ceiling so took a few photos. It was on the larger side, so it did not bother me so much. I do not like the smaller moths that look suspiciously like they want to lay eggs on food in the kitchen. I once had an invasion about 3 years ago and spent a complete summer killing their children, it was awful. The problem is there is no real deterrent. I can get sticky paper coated with female hormones which attracts the males to a sticky death, but the females live on. However without a man they can no longer produce offspring. The kids suddenly disappeared but then the moths arrived and we spent half a summer making a inspection daily with a swatter. Eventually they disappeared, we won, but learned something in the meanwhile. We live on the first floor and like open windows. I now do an inspection of the food cupboards weekly, although our invasion 3 years ago occurred with a forgotten mixture of salty nuts and biscuits in a drawer in the living room. Needless to say food is now banned from living room storage. I don’t mind spiders as they keep themselves to themselves. Even bugs are no problem, a footstep in the right place does wonders for their journey to the happy hunting grounds. Mr. Swiss takes care of earwigs and crane flies by transporting them back to the garden on a piece of paper. But I have a distinct disgust for moth babies. How can a mother have such ugly kids.

And now to move on. Enjoy the day.

Climbing Rose