Good Morning


The return of the building warriors: after a  break for the corpus christi holiday in our catholic Kanton followed by the week-end I heard builder voices in front of my bedroom window this morning as I was still hugging my bed and checking on my iPad the daily events. The new view in front of the window is a pile of cladding material and an extension of the plastic sheets protecting my garden.

The builder voices I hear were speaking German, not the homely dialect we speak in Switzerland, but the good television german that they speak in Germany. I eventually struggled out of the bed, made my way to the kitchen and stood on the porch enjoying the morning  sunlight when I was greeted in Italian by the builders working on the cladding of our building. The work here is international and I am learning new words.

For me the builders were working on the new insulation of our building, but due to the tragic accident in London, where  a fire destroyed a complete high rise building with still many inhabitants unaccounted for, the word cladding entered my vocabulary. Living for the past 50 years in Switzerland, new english words do not enter my vocabulary so much. It seems this fire was caused by the usage of cladding which was not fire proof when the building was renovated a couple of years ago. The building became a torch as the fire crept up the building because of the insufficiet fire proof cladding.

Now our building is being clad – it is just a tragic coicidence. Kilos of material are being attached to the complete walls. It is thicker than our original cladding, so this means the overall size of our building will be increased. In the meanwhile we have an international team working on it and hearing Swiss German dialect, I realised that the remains of the international team have just walked past my building. I remember when my No. 2 son was doing his annual 3 week service for the Swiss army. He was one of those that could speak french as well as his native Swiss German. He was in a mixed recruit school with soldiers from the french speaking part of Switzerland as well as the german speaking part. His direct officer could not speak french, so No. 2 son had to  simultaneously translate the daily instructions to the group in the morning briefing.

And to the background noise of hammering and the local crows I will move on.

Crows 18.06.2017

Yesterday I decided to take a walk in the early evening to visit the chickens across the main road, with my zoom lens. I do not often take this lens as although it is good at zooming it is not so suitable for a normal distance photo. My first obstacle on the way was to cross the main road. It now had a new layer and was looking very nice. However the crossing had been blocked as it was not yet opened for feet or even tyres, and all the traffice was been diverted, by a lady securitas woman, to the other side of the village. In between traffic I asked the lady about crossing the road. She said it was now OK for me as the new tarmac layer was dry and I could cross. She pointed to the railway lines indicating I could walk over them.  I said that was a no go with my walking stick but using the normal crossing was OK. It worked, but I had to intertwine myself between wooden dividers and step over large stones to get to the normal crossing. There were no photographers there thank goodness, but I was the first person to be allowed to cross the road to get to the other side.

I eventually arrived at the chicken run and discovered they were all on the other side of the meadow. No problem with my camera, but they had not yet mowed down the meadow and I was getting more focus of tall green meadow plants and grasses than actual chickes. However I managed one or two photos.

Chickens 18.06 (2)

The hens were having a conference.

I decided there was nothing really available for a photo and so after a rest on a bench I decided to make my way home again. The securitas lady was still directing the traffic as I crossed the road.

Feldbrunnen road repair 18.06.2017

A builder has just arrived on my front porch to remove some parts of our facade with his drill. There is never a dull moment when your complete building is being renewed. And now I have other things to do, like cleaning and afterwards a shopping trip to the local supermarket. The sun is shining and the drills are humming and I should move on.

Enjoy the week, who knows what surprises we may have in the next 7 days. Even the moon is still shining over the scaffolding horizon at 9.00 a.m. – in the light of the sun.

Moon in the morning sun

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. And we are assuming that your new cladding IS fireproof, yes? Just checking.

    They came. They repaired the door. It doesn’t look like new, but it does look like it will survive the winter! And maybe I’ll have them replace the kitchen floor. it’s 50 years old an the pattern is actually worn out from so many feet on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had a conversation with the builder about it yesterday and he said that the material used in our building is absolute fireproof. I believe him, it is expensive enough.
      Glad the door job has been done at last, our kitchen floor is stone tiles, 20 years old so it should survive our lifetime.


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