Daily Prompt: There is no more relief


When I thought that we had the worst behind us, that the oppression from the building team was finished, a new disaster appears. We suffered with record decibel sounds from the pnematic chisels, my windows were getting a daily clean and my garden was covered in plastic. I lost one bed of flowers, there were a few remaining stalks fighting for survival and today we got this.

Relief, even Mafeking was relieved by the British in the Boer War in 1900. It took 7 months, but there was success. We have now been under siege since April  and it was originally predicted that all would be finished in September, afterwards October and yes the latest is Novmber – just like Mafeking. But we are talking about a building troop and not soldiers.

Today it all returned and my garden was again covered in blocks of cladding material, rubble and dirt. Underneath it all was a protective layer of plastic, although armed with my walking cane I ventured into the garden and hovering above was one of the leaders of the builders who greeted me nicely, thinking I wanted to share the joys of the cladding of the walls.  Using my walking cane I slid the pastic covering to one side. “It is not so bad” said the worker and I reminded him he was not a plant that needed sunlight and fresh air, as I continued to shift various blocks of cladding material to one side which were bred to crush anything in their way. The builder said no more – was he renedered speechless by a rebellious golden oldie that was defending the right of life for her plants.

I returned to my room and took a few photos of the threatening death and destruction.


I decided there was no point in crying about spilt plants and tried to fathom what this piece of stray plastic covered with teh grime and reminder of the building work was doing in front of my window.  It was then a human appeared in front of my window, dressed in the uniform of a different builder. Instead of the whiteness of the average team, he was clad in blue. Today we are all cladding it seems. He asked politely if I could shut my window due to various pieces of falling debris that could, might, would arrive in my room. Did he not realise he was talking to a writer, to someone who was recording her life in daily episodes and waiting for the day when she would eventually be recognised for her talent. Of coure not, in short he was saying “shut the window”. He then departed further up the scaffolding and I could not resist a photo.


Since his appearance it rained blocks and bits and pieces of cladding material, but now all that remains is the occasional clank of a piece of metal and a few human voices in various languages using variou dialects: at 4.45 p.m., another hour,  they will all go home to their families to report the events of the day. A distraught neighbour appeared to Mr. Swiss, complaining that the dirt and grime had returned again and we really thought that it was finished, and only the clinical working operations would be left until the end of the siege.

I just had a visit from another builder, this time clad in white, to warn me to keep all the windows closed on this side of the building as they are now beginning the big clean up of the scaffolding from top to bottom, everything arriving in front of my appartment on the ground floor of course. No problem, as everything will be left spotless afterwards. I dared to ask the builder about tomorrow and he answered cool and calm, that they will be back. “Until when – August?” I said jokingly. He was not joking when he confirmed my suspicion. He then went into further descriptions of grinding the complete surface of the building etc. etc. I decided not to listen further in case I got nightmares tonight being chased by a builder with a monster machine wanting to pulverise and form me into a block of cladding material.

Renovation 18.06.2017

Is this the scaffolding for the building rebels?

This is your reporter boroadcasting live from the events of the day in the Swiss outside office as she is being bombarded by exploding particles of styropor and stifled by buiding dust.

Daily Prompt: There is no more relief

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: There is no more relief

  1. Our buildings are, once again, ON THE WAY. Via Home Depot because they didn’t buy any of the stuff they need. Which makes me wonder what they were planning to DO on Friday, since they have none of the materials. They wanted to know what size doggy door we needed. I pointed out that unless they are replacing the entire door, they will have to put it into the existing hole.

    “Oh. Right.” So they have to come and measure. Then buy the door. But I’m hoping something gets done.

    There’s a law: Every contracting job costs twice as much as the estimate and takes four time longer — or more. We are living with that law.

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    • Seems to be disapointments all around today. A widespread illness that when you arrange for something to be done, the don’t turn up when they should and are not even able to do the work due to mistakes. I must say it rarely happens in Switzerland, but the Swiss are not exactly cheap for such jobs. I remember my days back in England, you did what you could yourself and it would never come into the question to pay someone to do it for you. Although you have to be a handyman, and my dad definitely wasn’t. My son’s wife is German and it seems that everyone in Germany knows someone that can do what you need. My daughter-in-law is quite a handy-women herself and is not lost with a hammer and nails if necessary.

      Hope your chosen contractors soon get down to the job.

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    • I fired mine. He can keep the deposit since it literally did not cost me anything because of the random windfalls. I ended up absolutely NOT trusting him and when he did not show up at the time he said he would his morning, and waiting an hour to text me, I thought, “Forget it.” I then began doing research on more conventional workers and shall move forward more slowly and less panicked. I learned something about myself, though.

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        • That’s what I decided. I called a company this morning and got a rough estimate on a new garage. I’m going to go talk to them Wednesday. I think it’s better to have a real solution than a half-assed temporary solution. And I think if I get a book I can maybe repair the plumbing problem under my kitchen sink. It’s pretty obvious what it is. I just need to be patient and get the right parts.

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  2. I have to say you are really being a very good sport about all this….mess. They were very smart not to mess with a Golden Oldie with a cane. Ha! I would love to have seen the expression on their face when you starting using the cane to look under the plastic. Good for you, Pat. Keep them on their toes!

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    • The workers are only doing their job and are an international team. They always make a point of being polite. However I had to remove part of their plastic covers. Myself yesterday when they went home as Tabby objected to walking over it.


  3. I have never liked the idea of living in a home where I did not have complete control of what happened to it so I hope I never have to live in an apartment complex.
    I can picture you facing up to those builders with your cane.

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    • We are quite happy living here, they are bought appartments and the quality is quite good, but decisions are made acoording to a majority vote. We belong to the older generation and we’re satisfied the way things were.


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