Good Morning

Road Machines 17.06 (1)

The’re here…… The invasion of the road monsters took place yesterday afternoon in preparion of the week-end work. The road from our village Feldbrunnen, to the next village Riedholz is being resurfaced throughout Saturday night and during Sunday and on Monday there will also be a few things done. They parked the machines in our village on a side road ready for the attack. The idea is, and a good one really, that there will only be inconvenience for a couple of days instead of a couple of months due to week-end work.

I decided to take a walk yesterday evening to see if there were any good opportunities for photos, but the action will happen during the night and I did not want to camp out on the pavement in case anything worth a photo happened. They had already blocked our crossing over the main road meaning I had to walk further to the next crossing, but this crossing had also disappeared from the road surface in preparation.

Feldbrunnen 17.06 (2)

The yellow stripes had been removed, although I do not see the sense in that, as they will be replaced again afterwards. Now and again during the night I heard the machines on the road and their warning signals when they were in the reverse gear. As I write this at breakfast I can still hear them.

I decided to turn back into the village on my walk as there was not any action yesterday evening and I could hear the moos of cows. The farmer had already moved them to the field next to their home which enabled them to go in and out as they pleased.

Cows 17.06 (12)

This particular cow decided to go inside for a few minutes, but he soon returned. Another cow was really making a fuss and could be heard all over the village.

Cows 17.06 (10)

I had never caught a cow with its mouth opening mooing before, so made the most of it. Actually I was a little worried, in case she came to near, but surrounded by an electric fence, they so not usually break out.

Feldbrunnen 17.06 (8)

I noticed the crops are quite high at the moment, so it will soon be harvesting time. Everything seems to be growing express, but we have had some good weather lately.I really enjoy my evening walks as the weather is more comfortable for walking and not so many people around.

At the moment the insects are also increasing. Yesterday an earwig arrived in my appartment, but Mr. Swiss to the rescue: not my rescue, but the earwig. He is becoming a protector of the species and armed with a piece of paper he transported the earwig to the garden – another life saved. Actually earwigs are not really my favourites, as in the garden they do tend to go to places on my plants and devour leaves, but Mr. Swiss finds they also have a right to survival. We were still discussing this matter when I saw a crane fly which had moved from the corridor to the bedroom. I was not very happy about this, but he found they do no harm. I am sure he was right, but I did not exactly enjoy the thought of spending the night with a crane fly, although it eventually moved to the bathroom where the door is closed. Don’t tell Mr. Swiss, but when I began to iron yesterday an earwig appeared on the ironing board from the linen. The earwig’s last view of life on earth was my hand.

Admittedly I always remove living spiders to the great outdoors, as they have a purpose in their webby lives to trap other insects. Flies are born to be killed, and luckily Mr. Swiss and I are of the same opinion.

And now to something completely different. The morning blog is coming to an end (do not despair I will be back with more) and I want to put my Sunday roast in the oven for a slow cooking time. I can then forget all other compulsory work until lunchtime.

Have a restful Sunday and do not forget – be kind to insects and kill them gently.

Scaffolding flower display

And I found a new use for the scaffolding in front of my appartment when the builders are on their week-end break.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • This evening I went for a walk and the traffic was not allowed on the main road and the crossing was blocked. I spoke to the lady directing the traffic and she said the new road surface was now dry and so I was the first to walk on the new road, what an honor 🙂

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  1. I don’t usually kill spiders myself but I do have “The Fly Man” who comes and sprays the house for creepy crawlies once a year. We used to get little beetles of some type who liked to hang out in the bathtub but they have been banished. Flies get no mercy from me, nor does the occasional wasp that might stray in if I have the back door open for Cindy to come and go. As for ants if they are so silly as to parade across my kitchen counter on a warm day they can expect a quick death.

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    • Something similar here. The beetles stay outside and are a good subject for photos. We are lucky that we get no real dangerous spiders, although I wouldn’t shake hands with one. They don’t really bother me. Flies are born to be killed and since I learned that baking powder kills ants and a bottle of mineral water over the nest deplete them of oxygen we get on like an anthill on fire.

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