Daily Prompt: The life of a bottle

Bottle Bank
The bottle bank at the local supermarket

Bottle JXP43 entered the world in a factory. The machine had shaped him in the bottle processing factory.. He had many brothers and sisters, all looking alike, and so JXP43 was never alone from the beginning. After he had cooled down, he took a look at this new place and felt he belonged. It was when he was put on a moving platform and had something poked into his opening that he began to feel uncomfortable. And then a liqid entered his body.

He took a look around and saw that they were all treated the same, their insides being filled with a brown liquid. JXP43 thought to himself “can this be it, the purpose of my creation?”, but he had no chance to find out because this brown liquid was a little uncomfotable, JXP43 was sure that he would explode:  the bubbles were expanding his walls with a pressure and he was sure he would explode, but there was no escape. The liquid suddenly stopped. JXP43 breathed a sigh of relief, but was this what it was all about. And then he was sealed with ACB304, commnly known as a screw top, and was now covered  in plastic with 5 other JSP43, together with their ACB304 screw tops.

His final shape was achieved and the journey began. He now saw the world, although through a plastic cover and was contented. He had been created, he was ready and had even been given a label showing his new name “Coca Cola”, although he saw that others had other names like Lemonade and Mineral Water. Of course there were the special ones known as Cherry Coke, Diet Coke and Zero, but they all looked alike, it was only the liquid that was a little different.

And so it came to pass that he arrived at his destination and was together with many others waiting for the next part of the journey. Reflecting on it all today JSP43 found he was a lucky bottle. After being chosen by a non-bottle creation he was emptied and now stood empty in another place. There was a few others of his race emptied and they disappeared to a place called bottle bank. He had heard tales from other JSP43 that they would be minced into smaller pieces and again put into the bit melting place in the JSP43 sky to be reborn.

Not this JSP43, no, he still had a purpose in his life. He was put in a place with other bottles, even out of real glass – the hope of every JSP43. He was re-used as  container for water. The gods had chosen him for a new life. Daily he would be emptied and his contents poured onto plants. He would be filled again. JSP43 had a purpose in his bottled life.

JSP43 was one of the chosen few.

What a silly blog, but I just had to let is out of the bottle.

Daily Prompt: The life of a bottle

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