Good Morning

Wild Flowers 15.06 (4)

On my last camera walk, Thursday evening, I took a few photos of a hedge I was passing. Spider webs in hedges always make interesting photos and I was only into the deal for the photo of the web. However, it was a funnel web spider and I noticed he was also in the picture. We often have them in the garden, but I just had a look in internet. I am no expert, but this one might be a brown recluse spider and I just discovered that they bite and are capable of destroying the walls of blood vessels near the bite, so am glad I had a zoom lens for the photo.

As usual I was awakened this morning by my mobile phone alarm and my two iPad alarms, all at the same time – but with a bird song chorus.

iPad collection

Perhaps you think I am overdoing it, but what other pleasures in life does a golden oldie have. Missing on the photo is my mobile phone which also has the bird alarm, but I had to use it to take the photo.

On the left at the front is my older iPad which still functions, showing a selection of my Flickr photos, although I have to give it an injection of power now and again, as it might have a blank screen in the morning, but it is not kaput, just on weaker legs. It is naturally a junior amongst the others, only having 64 Gb which actually no longer exist. My new iPad on the right showing LBC Leading Britain’s Conversation radio which I often listen to, is my new addition to the family. This one is a mega version with 256 Gb storage, just to make sure I have enough room for my various apps.  Yesterday Apple sent me a message advertising the newest iPad and you can even get that with 512 GB.

Of course an iPad does not replace a computer, at least not for me, but it is a handy object for hugging the bed in the morning and catching up on stuff that happens in the European night on your web sites. It is also useful when laying on the sun bed outside or in Winter on a chair in the living room. Being a multi tasker I usually have my Kindle in operation at the same time if I am reading a book. What would an unonline life be today without these little pleasures?

The iPad at the top is not actually mine, but Mr. Swiss old iPad which still works perfectly well. In the meanwhile he has the smaller handier version. I use his extra iPad now and again if he has uploaded a book via his Kindle app (yes, he is also a Kindle person) that I want to read. We are  both fans of the danish Jussi Adler-Olsen books featuring the Department Q of the Danish police, with Carl Morck leading his team. It is quite a mixed team and the department was formed to revise old unsolved cases. They put his department in the cellar of the police headquarters with his assistant Assad and Rose the clerk with the punk aspects who often arrives in the shape of her sister – a sort of split personality. They are available in english, but the german version usually appears after the danish original, and so I read them in German on Mr. Swiss iPad. At the moment I am reading the 6th and last book written, “Selfies”  with the German title, but in english “The Hanging Girl” Department Q Series. I can really recommend this books, they all have a touch of humour.

And now to move on. It is Saturday and have not special out-of-the-ordinary spectacular plans, although I might take a walk along the main road to see how the works are progressing. Tonight there will be an all night road surface repair job being done continuing throughout Sunday so there might be a few interesting photos to take. I am still thinking about it.

Enjoy the week-end, although since being retired they took my week-ends away, so I have to check on the calendar to see what day it actually is.

Cows 15.06.2017

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Be very careful of those little spiders. Garry’s leg had started to turn black by the time we got him to the doctor and got antibiotics. They are seriously dangerous. However, that one looks a bit big to be a brown recluse. They are not huge spiders and tend to be, as their name suggests, reclusive.

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    • I got bitten by something a few days ago that seemed to have hopped around leaving three red marks which was very irritating but I think it was a flying object, probably a mosquito. We have to be careful of tics outside and also spiders. I usually leave house spiders to themselves. Mr. Swiss is becoming an insect rescuer unfortunately and returns insects to the garden when possible.


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