Daily Prompt: Once There Were Blossoms

Renovation 07.04 (1)

7th April 2017 – I should have realised then the threat that was approaching. The first casualties were my daffodils. It was only a week since the gardeners arrived for preliminary work before the builders. I heard them scream as they went down, killed by the heavy leather boots, the enemy of every Spring flower. There was nothing I could do, I was helpless, the damage had been done. My only hope was that they would arrive again the next year. This was not all, I should have seen the warning.

Hollyhock and everlasting forget-me-not, trampled by the builders.

And then this happened. My hollyhocks that grew every year were reduced to a mass of stalks with a few surviving leaves, not to mention my Japanese Bell flowers which also return every year. They had to move to one side so that the builders could move in with their killing constructions. Would there be no end to this massacre of innocent plants just beginning to sprout and discover the world?

Hollyhocks are gone now, killed by the build
Gone from my garden parched into death
Gone with the cold wind arriving with the scaffold
Gone with the builders who had dreams of something new
Where are the hollyhocks and Japanese Bell flowers that  used to roam?

This was only the beginning. To the murderous sounds of drills and hammers the hollyhocks and Bell flowers shrank with fear againt the new master race with their tools and destruction. No-one spent a thought for what was, they were only intersted in what would be – a new horizon, new cladding on the building and to add insult to injury, it would all be painted in a light green – the result of someone having a dream. It would not be nature’s green, but a painted green and the hollyhocks and Bell Flowers dwindled into the ground in fear.

They tried to make a comeback, the last stand, but to no avail, the builders returned and gave them the finishing blow, they disappeared beneath a layer of plastic.


Will they return, is there hope? Who knows, the next instalment will arrive next year. Whether they will fight their way back into existence is unknown. The builders will then be gone, leaving behind a newly cladded building with no blossoms. Blossoms do not appear in the accounts, they are not important.

But once there were green fields.

2015-07-16 18.51.02

Daily Prompt: Once there were blossoms

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Once There Were Blossoms

    • Thank goodness it was only one small flower bed. First of all the gardeners arrive and I must say they shifted quite a lot to a safer place, but this part was just ignored, probably because it was too early for the plants to show very well. It was also on the path that they used to shift in the scaffolding bits and pieces. One thing lead to another, and now there does not seem to be anything left. I will wait now until next year to see if there are still roots in the ground that will grow again, otherwise I will have to replant.


  1. Years ago in Costa Rica, the workers often trampled just-planted or just-starting-to-thrive flowers. Frustrated, I asked as nicely as possible to be careful around the flowers.. One weekend I drew several cartoons of sad flowers and of ‘me’ with a sad face, guarding the flowers with shovel in hand… that worked better than anything! 🙂

    Sorry that some of your cherished ones were damaged, but wow, the gardens look beautiful!

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    • It hurts when the plants you have cared for for many years are treated that way and disappear forever. We were told that when the work is finished the gardeners will put everything back but that probably only relates to the bushes, but I will see what I can achieve. I also try to rescue plants that are on their last kegs.
      It is a wonder that anything survived this year. I even have a climbing rose amongst the scaffolding.


    • It was I only a small flower bed, but small and neat with beautiful hollyhock that flowered every year, gaining size and some bell flowers. Who knows, perhaps they might recover for next spring and perhaps the gardeners will replace them as said.


    • It is only one small bed actually, although when this whole nightmare is over in October more will be discovered like the bare patches on the lawn where the scaffolding was fixed.


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