Good Morning

Baselstrasse 15.06 (2)

Yesterday they let me out again, all on my own. It was a quiet day, everything closed in town because of the corpus christi holiday. There were no building workers to be heard or seen  and it was a stressless day. I decided it was time for a camera walk in the evening, although camera is a little bored, as it says it always goes the same places and does the same thing. I thought it over and decided to risk a walk along the other side of the main road: nothing extremely fantastic in the photographic world, but something completely different.

My first object was the villa Serdang on the other side of the road opposite where I live. This villa has many stories, and it was rumoured that the original owner had business in white slave traffic, but this is really a rumour. I had a look in Internet and it seems that it belonged to a very rich family and was named after a Sultanat in Sumatra. Its history is quite interesting. As the entry is all in German, there is no point in including a link, but one day when I have nothing better to do, I will write a blog all about it. Since I have lived here, it has been the home of the chief police officer of our district, an art gallery and has now been bought by a local business man who has decided to turn it into a culture center. It is definitely an impositng building.

I walked on and heard the “bing-bong” of the railway barriers closing, we have about 5 of them placed at various points on the main road. Our local train known as “bipper-lisi” was approaching. A strange name by the locals, but because its end station is Niederbipp (the next village to Oberbipp) and with so many bipps they gave the train the name combined with the shortened versio of Lizzy.

Bipperlisi 15.06.2017

I walked on and passed a maize field which had begun to grow. This is not the corn on the cob sort of maize, but only for animal consumption. It is another sort and grows quite high.

Jura 15.06 (1)

As usual the Jura mountain chain in the background. The problem with this walk is that there are no benches at the side of the main road, so I have to persevere with a walk without a rest, knowing that if I turn the corner I will eventually arrive at the local cemetery St. Katharine where there are more than enough benches for a golden oldie. I seemed to be alone on my walk, very little traffic on the road, if at all, and I saw very few people.

St. Katharinen Cemetary 15.06 (3)

Even the cemetery was empty, almost no visitors. It was an opportunity to have a good check on the new arrivals. It is certainly gives you food for thought when you recognise the names of people you knew, although I must admit I am a cemetery tourist.  I think I have visited most of the European cemeteries, the one in Vienna being the largest in Europe. I must say the Austrians are quite good at cemeteries, interesting places and individual designs of the stones on the graves.

I left the cemetery on the other side and took the path home passing the local stables and the ducks.

Ducks 15.06 (1)

Although the horses were all in their stalls. There were a couple of ducks within range of my camera. It was then I noticed the heat of the sun in my back, so I turned to see what it was all about. I had been walking for an hour, with a pause in the middle to sit on a bench at the cemetery, and the sun had decided to go down on me.

Sunset 15.06 (1)

And as the golden sun sank slowly in the West I mounted my walking stick and took the homewards path. I had photos to upload on the computer and arrived home tired but happy

Today is another day without building noise as the the builders still have a day off until Monday, although someone somewhere is hammering. Mr. Swiss says the insulation troop are working today. I now have places to go (the appartment) and things to do (vacuuming) so I must leave you. There is also a week-end shopping list to attack at the supermarket. Life is a stress sometimes, even for a golde oldie, but we do what we want to do and not what we have to do, so they say. I am not so sure about that one.

See you around later, and take care: you never know if the Martians might land in the field opposite.

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    • I never really had that problem living in a house with small rooms. Mum was not an example of the perfect housewife and there was no room or organized places for what you were suppose to tidy up.

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