Daily Prompt: The building creation and a new plant


Our builders are very creative, the entrance design on the East side of the buiding is prize suspicious and I am sure it will be the winner for the building of the year. The colourful composition of the entrance curtains and the metallic disign of the door with a glance into the courtyard. Yes, this is the perfect creation. Even that guy that decided to do it in 7 days a few million years ago, did not manage this: but let us be fair, he did not have the resources available and builders had not yet been created.

Since the builders took over some time in April, life has been one creation. Unfortunately the builders are not doing this job and resting on the 7th day like the original builder: they need more time and they rest every day at 4.00 p.m. begining the job at 7.00 a.m. in the morning. How do I know this, that is no problem. I already hear their merry conversations on planning the daily attack in front of my window in the early morning in their various languages, mainly Italian with a sprinkling of Swiss German. The Tower of Babel has been reconstructed. Yes, it is very bibilical, the problem being that we have no chance of an exodus to the promised land, because we are living in the land that will be renovated as promised.

Everything has its advantage as I then I have my early morning call when the workers begin their daily exercises – no excuses here for oversleeping. There is also a re-creational break at 9.00 a.m. when the builders all meet in the little hut at the end of the path to drink their coffee and eat the sandwiches. Then we have a re-creational silence from the building machines.

There is a method to their madness it seems. First of all the scaffolding was built and our appartment block resembled Centre Pompidou in Paris – an art work.

Centre Pompidou front view

Although I took this photo on a visit in 1990 and I believe it was to house a collection of art and not an expensive renovation.

And so life goes on. I decided to be creational this morning. For some time I had my eye on a new arrival in the flower store, also known as a Siam lilly. They grow from rhizomes although I know it more as a yellow  herb for spicing up oriental dishes. They disappeared from the store and now a new batch has arrived, so I decided to strike while the weather is hot and summerlike. I noticed that they were even within my price range.

At the moment I have it on the kitchen table, but after reading about the life and existence of this plant, I may put it somewhere else. It seems to be a lover of sun and so I might put it in the garden. Tallking of creative, the table cover was a product of my daughter-in-law, made by herself from various remnants of material. I really love this work of art.

I am now exhausted by so much creation. I bet that guy in the sky was glad when he finished the job as well.

Daily Prompt: The building creation and a new plant

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The building creation and a new plant

  1. I’m pretty sure that was what that seventh day was about. That guy was TIRED. And he needed a good meal, coffee, and probably a great dessert. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the contractor to simply show up, much LESS do the work.

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    • I think that guy got a little disapointed with his first human experiement. A nice garden, and an apple tree. He should have waited a bit with the serpent. Is the contractor’s name Godot by any chance?

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