Photo Challenge: Focus

Rain 04.06 (3)

The more lens you have, the more problems you have to choose the right one and focus on what you want to focus on, at least that is what happens to me. You see, I enjoy photography, but am a learning by doing person, so sometimes I get the lucky shot and sometimes I wonder what I was thinking about when taking the photo.

Rain is a good challenge for focus, because when I eventually get what I want it means the other 10 photos were not worth keeping, or somewhere in a file to remind me what did not work. We live on a building site at the moment. We are surrounded by scaffolding, iron bars and if you leave the window open at the wrong time, you might have a shower of undefined white particles arriving on the floor, on the desk and even in your drink if you do not cover it. But if it rains on a building site, then the foundation is laid for one of those super, Pulitzer prize worthy photos, or only in my dreams. You never know, so I just keep on trying.

I got the focus on the rain spashing off the scaffolding, and everything else is just a side dish.

Photo Challenge: Focus

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