Photo Challenge: Focus

Rain 04.06 (3)

The more lens you have, the more problems you have to choose the right one and focus on what you want to focus on, at least that is what happens to me. You see, I enjoy photography, but am a learning by doing person, so sometimes I get the lucky shot and sometimes I wonder what I was thinking about when taking the photo.

Rain is a good challenge for focus, because when I eventually get what I want it means the other 10 photos were not worth keeping, or somewhere in a file to remind me what did not work. We live on a building site at the moment. We are surrounded by scaffolding, iron bars and if you leave the window open at the wrong time, you might have a shower of undefined white particles arriving on the floor, on the desk and even in your drink if you do not cover it. But if it rains on a building site, then the foundation is laid for one of those super, Pulitzer prize worthy photos, or only in my dreams. You never know, so I just keep on trying.

I got the focus on the rain spashing off the scaffolding, and everything else is just a side dish.

Photo Challenge: Focus

Flower of the Day: 14.06.2017 Columbine and Forget-me-not

Columbine 17.05.2017

The date on this photo was 17th May, so I took it about a month ago, when the columbine and forget-me-not in my garden were still flowering. Now there remain only leaves and seed pods which I hope will take root again for next year.

Flower of the Day: 14.06.2017 Columbine and Forget-me-not

Daily Prompt: The punctured road

Bipperlisi 27.04 (1)

The powers that be have made a new decision. On Sunday 18th June the main road through the next village will be closed. The road surface will be punctured completely, not just holes, but completely removed. Last year it happened to our village, but not all at once. It seems that they have now got appetite of doing the job and so all traffic through the next village will not be possible on this Sunday. The road surface will be completely removed.

We received the notification yesterday. The work actually begins on Friday evening in preparation of the big dig to remove the old road surface. In the midle of Saturday night the new covering layer will be prepared and we wil be surrounded by building noise and smells from the new surface on the road all through Saturday night and Sunday. The railway connection will also be blocked.

Of course this is not a problem as it is the next village where our one and only post office is now to be found, because our village post office was closed a couple of years ago. Our villages are only two small dots on the map in any case.

It was only last year that our village had only one way traffic for a year for a similar reason, although we did get new railway crossings afterwards. Nevertheless the lower half of our village was separated from the top half: neighbours were no longer seen on the other side of the main road for at leat a year. We did have the possibly of taking the scenic route over higher places to get into town adding half an hour to the journey, although I must give the builders their credit. The last sentence on the information does say that because of the radical closing of the road the working time can be shortened by almost a week and the quality will be increased leading to keeping costs low. Sunday has been chosen for the day of closure as there is not so much traffic and no school children will be endangered.

I will not be driving anywhere at that time. What happens if I get a punctured tyre? Not even the garage men would be able to reach me, especially if it happened on the wrong side of the next village.

Bipperlisi 23.02 (2)

Daily Prompt: The Punctrued Road

Good Morning

Renovation 12.06 (4)

Yes, the builders are still here, and will stay with the building work until the scaffolding is removed, which will probably be in September, but I am following their progress. They removed the top layer and insulation of the walls about a month ago, then there was the noisy part where they had to chisel away the cement used to stick it on the wall.

Now the new insulation layer is being fixed on the walls, but a nice quiet job: just a little gentle tapping sound now and again to put it in its place. I had a word with one of the workmen yesterday and he said when that is done they have to apply a layer of some sort of insulation and afterwards the painting will begin. 3 months now into the work and it will only be finished in another 4-5 months.  I noticed that the new insulation is somewhat thicker than the old, so the volume of our building will be increased somewhat. Perhaps we might enter the Guiness Book of Records.

Sometimes I long for the good old days when I did not have iron bars in front of the window and a workman has to tell me to shut the windows because of the smell and styropor particles floating in the air.

Renovation 11.06 (2)

When the place where you live looks like this, then it does tend to dampen your spirits. Even my cat only goes out when the builders finish their day: luckily at 4.00 in the afternoon they disappear.

My iPad had problems this morning as I could not get into my reader and see what others had written on WordPress during my night. I had to clear the history – what could be easier. The problem is I forgot how, but Internet has now enlightened me and now everything is working again. There seemed to have been a history blockage on my safari. I just like to go through my little routine in the morning on my iPad, whilst hugging the bed of course. First of all a quick check to see my e-mails, not that anyone really writes to me these days. It is mainly notifications and answering comments.  The next step is check through the various challenges in WordPress to see what others have written and the last part is check the Reader, because that is where I see what those I follow have written. This last part was not working, so I decided there was a blockage due to being lazy and not clearing my history data.

I have now moved on, eaten breakfast causing sticky traces from the jam on the keyboard of my big brother Acer microsoft computer, and should really go places and do things. I have just realised what a boring golden oldie life I lead, not having more to report on this somewhat cloudy morning – perhaps it will rain. Mr. Swiss has taken the vaccum cleaner for its first walk of the day, and now it is my turn.

I will now leave you with a photo of my hostas in the garden which have already begun to flower. Already? It is now mid June, time flies when you are enjoying yourself and especially if you are a golde oldie.

Have fun, take a breath of fresh air now and again, the computer only breathes once and the air is not so fresh.

Hostas 13.06.2017