Good Morning


I am here, a few hours later, but had to visit my neurologist doc to get his permission to continue taking my expensive medicine for my myelin depleted nerves, commonly known as MS. I only see him basically once a year for the renewal of my medicine, but he is OK.

StickThis time he had to make his examination with the aid of a small hammer, pointed needle similar instrument, but it was something completely different. He even praised my walking stick and said it must be exclusive. I told him they were available online and I decided if I have to have one, then something that impresses. He did ask if I still go to physio therapy. I had to tell him that I completed one course and was very satisfied with the lady that was doing it. However, what is the point when she gives me pages full of exercises and I do not do them. I had to tell him I have no time for this. I take walks with my camera, write blogs and like to read. In between a little housework so that I do not forget how it works, and for exercises I really have no time. It was then that I discovered he had humour.

Actually I have discovered a super site on Internet Living Like You. It is from Novartis, a healthcare company based in Switzerland, but is not full of MS medical problems. It is a site written by people like me for people like me, about how to live you life normally with MS and this is what I do. The only problem basically is that I am slower than most, have a bit of a silly walk which most MS sufferers have, but the cane hides it to a large extent. A lot of articles on this site are written with humour and I might even attempt an article myself.

By the way the first photo shows our newly trimmed hedge, with nice straight sides. The gardener did a good job. It is funny how people are, but we are not very much different. It all began when our next door neighbour cut his hedge and I said to Mr. Swiss what about ours, which was looking a little sad and uncombed. Mr. Swiss organised the gardener and he completed the job yesterday morning. Yesterday late afternoon I heard the electric hedge cutters, as our other neighbour decided to cut his as well. This morning the neighbour opposite was busy cutting her hedge, and now we all have nice straight hedges. Of course we had to do it, as people might begin to talk about your hedge.

And now I must move on, being later I should begin to cook lunch. Will see you around some time later, keep well.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. About 20 years ago I was told, “It might be MS; if so it will manifest itself again one day…” Ruled out were other scary possibilities… my own history was baffling, but eventually a ‘trigger’ was found – aspartame…I am also ultra-sensitive to MSG…

    Ever since, I’ve had a special empathy for anyone with MS, and each time I remind myself, ‘That could be me…’

    You appear to live a very positive life, which is surely helpful in staying as well as possible.

    The Living Like You site looks very interesting; thanks for that link!


  2. I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to find a “normal” in the midst of the medical messiness of my life. I’m pretty sure it’s what most of us eventually do. We all do some PT, some of the exercises … but unless we are athletes, at some point we go back to living as much of life as we can. I wonder if it would have been better had I done serious PT after all the heart surgery, but there wasn’t a place nearby for me to go to and I couldn’t do the two hour drive in and out of Boston. So I do what you do. More or less. That’s life.

    And Owen’s coming over with the hedge clippers later in the week. Our roses may not have flowers, but they are totally out of control and growing like crazy!

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    • I have been lucky not to have any serious illnesses in my life – so I thought. Now that the results are there it is realised that MS has been with me for many years, probably 40 years, but in a milder form and always diagnosed as something else, because who thinks of MS when you have constant urinary tract infections, or dizzy spells. There are always other reasons for such “not so serious” problems. Today I know why I might get giddy, know why I have spasticity in my legs, especially when I wake at night, why I cannot ride a bike and why I was never any good at doing gymnastic exercises. MS is a mystery illness with 100 faces and you never know what might be around the corner. I can now concentrate on living my life the way I want to, there is always a way I have discovered, so always look on the bright side of life. My doc really made me happy today when he noticed my jazzy walking stick and asked if it was an exclusive model. Of course it was not exclusive, but something completely different
      The hedge clipping illness has broken out here where I live, all you hear all day is people cutting their hedges.


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