Daily Prompt: Tapering off

Journey to Solothurn 18.05 (2)


“But what if the door comes down when I am driving.”

“It won’t.”

“Says you.”

“Just put your foot on the gas pedal and go.”

“Looks dodgy to me. ”

“Nothing can happen.”

“But Fred drove into the door last week when it was closing.”

“That was because the door had a defect. It has now been repaired.”

“Where’s the remote control.”

“You don’t need it. The door will stay open for you.”

“How do I know?”

“Because I said so.”

“But it has started to close.”

“Then press the remote again.”

“But you said nothing could happen.”

“Nothing happen usually, but when you spend too much time on a detailed discussion about driving out of the garage, the timer on the door automatically closes it again.”

“So if I was driving through the door at the time when it was closing I could have been crushed.”

“No, it doesn’t happen that way.”

“But it did just now.”

“But you were not driving through the door.”

“But I could have been.”

“No, that it impossible.”

“You drive.”

“I broke my arm, remember, so I cannot drive. That is why you are driving.”

“Let’s take the bus.”

“But we have a car and you are leaning to drive it.”

“But I don’t like driving, especially out of the garage. It all tapers into nothing. I have to get through the door, and hope that it does not crush me and afterwards I am out on the road.”

“That is the idea, to get onto the road.”

“But there might be a car coming when I leave the garage.”

“Then you wait and look before driving futher.”

“But it all goes uphill, I hate those uphill places where I have to wait on a slope until I can go.”

“You have a hand brake.”

“That complicates matters, because I have to release it slowly to drive on further.”

“Just drive and let’s go, I have an appointment at the doctors.”

“You mean I have to drive through town. It is the busiest time of the day.”

“How many driving lessons have you had up to now.”

“Well I began last year, so it must be about 90 lessons now.”

“And when does your driving instructor plan on booking you for the driving examination.”

“He doesn’t have a car at the moment, so I cannot take any lessons.”

“No car?”

“He had to have it repaired. It got a little crushed. I was driving out of his garage and the door closed on the car.”

Daily Prompt: Tapering off

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tapering off

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Actually, my garage door is broken because of a freak accident. The back hatchback door on my car sprang open as I was pulling out. So it’s dented and the door (which was already a relic from the 1970s complete with holes and other interesting customizations) is really broken. I think a little fear of garage doors is warranted, even without a remote.

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    • I fear everything that is something completely different. I was at the neurologist today and told him I am driving again. He smiled and found it great. I told him not so great as my husband sits next to me. I then discovered that neurologists are also humurous people and are able to laugh. I am not sure if he was laughing at me or not. Sorry about the garage door. Our neighbour really drove into the door, but it is all eletronic. My problem is that we have one of those remotes to open the door and I have to keep the car under control whilst I am searching for it in the dark garage somewhere in a compartment in the car and use it to open the door – multi tasking was never my thing, especially in a car.

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      • Hmmm…my mom had a thing that held the remote on the sun visor so she could always find it. She also hated to drive. Yeah, EVERYONE is a backseat driver. That drove me nuts with my friend in CH. She couldn’t read a map but would complain when I made a sharp turn at the last minute to get on the right road. Never never never never again. Either I don’t travel with her again (likely) or we take public transportation (likely).


    • We share the garage with others that live in our apartment block, but we have two bought places next to each other and only one car. This means no problem in parking for me, as I can drive between the two places next to each other. One of the best investments we ever made. Our garage door functions well, only the driver not always.


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