Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Dishes, Pots, Pans, Silverware


The wok, used for the stir fry stuff.

Cooking Rösti, Calf Sausages and Chicory

Three pans in action cooking Rösti (Swiss potato dish), Chicory and at the back Veal sausages with onion (another Swiss dish).


One of my saucepans cooking pasta I think, probably noodles.

Knife with blood

No comment 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Dishes, Pots, Pans, Silverware

Daily Prompt: Tapering off

Journey to Solothurn 18.05 (2)


“But what if the door comes down when I am driving.”

“It won’t.”

“Says you.”

“Just put your foot on the gas pedal and go.”

“Looks dodgy to me. ”

“Nothing can happen.”

“But Fred drove into the door last week when it was closing.”

“That was because the door had a defect. It has now been repaired.”

“Where’s the remote control.”

“You don’t need it. The door will stay open for you.”

“How do I know?”

“Because I said so.”

“But it has started to close.”

“Then press the remote again.”

“But you said nothing could happen.”

“Nothing happen usually, but when you spend too much time on a detailed discussion about driving out of the garage, the timer on the door automatically closes it again.”

“So if I was driving through the door at the time when it was closing I could have been crushed.”

“No, it doesn’t happen that way.”

“But it did just now.”

“But you were not driving through the door.”

“But I could have been.”

“No, that it impossible.”

“You drive.”

“I broke my arm, remember, so I cannot drive. That is why you are driving.”

“Let’s take the bus.”

“But we have a car and you are leaning to drive it.”

“But I don’t like driving, especially out of the garage. It all tapers into nothing. I have to get through the door, and hope that it does not crush me and afterwards I am out on the road.”

“That is the idea, to get onto the road.”

“But there might be a car coming when I leave the garage.”

“Then you wait and look before driving futher.”

“But it all goes uphill, I hate those uphill places where I have to wait on a slope until I can go.”

“You have a hand brake.”

“That complicates matters, because I have to release it slowly to drive on further.”

“Just drive and let’s go, I have an appointment at the doctors.”

“You mean I have to drive through town. It is the busiest time of the day.”

“How many driving lessons have you had up to now.”

“Well I began last year, so it must be about 90 lessons now.”

“And when does your driving instructor plan on booking you for the driving examination.”

“He doesn’t have a car at the moment, so I cannot take any lessons.”

“No car?”

“He had to have it repaired. It got a little crushed. I was driving out of his garage and the door closed on the car.”

Daily Prompt: Tapering off

Good Morning


I am here, a few hours later, but had to visit my neurologist doc to get his permission to continue taking my expensive medicine for my myelin depleted nerves, commonly known as MS. I only see him basically once a year for the renewal of my medicine, but he is OK.

StickThis time he had to make his examination with the aid of a small hammer, pointed needle similar instrument, but it was something completely different. He even praised my walking stick and said it must be exclusive. I told him they were available online and I decided if I have to have one, then something that impresses. He did ask if I still go to physio therapy. I had to tell him that I completed one course and was very satisfied with the lady that was doing it. However, what is the point when she gives me pages full of exercises and I do not do them. I had to tell him I have no time for this. I take walks with my camera, write blogs and like to read. In between a little housework so that I do not forget how it works, and for exercises I really have no time. It was then that I discovered he had humour.

Actually I have discovered a super site on Internet Living Like You. It is from Novartis, a healthcare company based in Switzerland, but is not full of MS medical problems. It is a site written by people like me for people like me, about how to live you life normally with MS and this is what I do. The only problem basically is that I am slower than most, have a bit of a silly walk which most MS sufferers have, but the cane hides it to a large extent. A lot of articles on this site are written with humour and I might even attempt an article myself.

By the way the first photo shows our newly trimmed hedge, with nice straight sides. The gardener did a good job. It is funny how people are, but we are not very much different. It all began when our next door neighbour cut his hedge and I said to Mr. Swiss what about ours, which was looking a little sad and uncombed. Mr. Swiss organised the gardener and he completed the job yesterday morning. Yesterday late afternoon I heard the electric hedge cutters, as our other neighbour decided to cut his as well. This morning the neighbour opposite was busy cutting her hedge, and now we all have nice straight hedges. Of course we had to do it, as people might begin to talk about your hedge.

And now I must move on, being later I should begin to cook lunch. Will see you around some time later, keep well.