One Word Photo Challenge: Giraffe


What do you do when you live in a country where cows almost outnumber the population of humans, and where you have to be careful where you tread on a dark evening outside as you might step on a hedgehog, not to mention a population of cats and dogs.

Searching for a giraffe is not easy, they are not usually pets to keep in the garden. The next zoo is Zürich where you would probably see a giraffe and that is more than an hour by train. A brainwave: go to the supermarket, they must have a giraffe somewhere. This was where I found him amongst the lions and tigers, and even dinosaurs and pterodactyls. The supermarket has everything. Of course it is plastic with a price tag, but taking a photo does not cost anything. One little mistake I found, giraffes only sit when they are born, otherwise they spend their lives in a standing position I believe.

One Word Photo Challenge: Giraffe

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