Good Morning

Ducks 11.06 (1)

So where shall we go today? No idea, but yesterday I went places, although only an early evening walk along the river. This time there were no swans to be seen, probably looking after the kids. I saw these two male mallard ducks on the river just swimming around. It was a wonderful summer evening, still warm but bearable. During the day we had a mini heat wave.

cows 11.06 (1)

The small group of cows have now been shifted nearer to the river and the bull is still there keeping an eye on his ladies. I was actually wondering if this is a sort of breeding ground for calves by the farmer. I am sure the bull is not just there for my photos.

As I walked through the village I noticed that the house owners were all busy with garden hoses spraying water everywhere. I suppose an occupational hazard if you have a garden.

Sparrow 11.06 (4)

I eventually climbed the stairs to my bench resting place above the river and saw this little bird perched on the guide rail. I think it is a sparrow, but am not so sure. There were all sorts of flying animals around but most of them did not stay for a photo.

When I got home I decided to upload my photos and discovered I had taken 50 of them, so it was a longer evening on the computer putting them in the right place. I eventually finished the job and decided to have a read on my Kindle. Mr. Swiss called me that there was a hedgehog outside on our patio. My first thought was at last something completely different for a photo. However, I am a slow motion person and by the time I had got my camera and was ready for the prize photo of a hedgehog, it had gone further. I now realise that I am even slower than a hedghog. We have hundreds of hedgehogs where I live, but they are nocturnal animals and I do not often see them.

Our gardener has just arrived. They usually come regularly, but this year we had to put them off because of the building work. However, our hedges are now competition for Jack and the Beanstalk so we had  organise them to be cut, otherwise the neighbours might start talking about us, you never know.


There was suddenly a ring at the door bell and the gardener arrived, so this is an action blog. We no longer have electricity outside because of the building work, so we had to organise the cable to be put through the window to our inside electricity connection. It is not so easy at the moment to cut our hedges, too many obstacles in the way and to cut the top of the hedge the gardener climbed onto the scaffolding. It was not an easy job, but he succeeded. As I write this he has now moved onto the next part.

It is now time for me to move on. It is a shopping day today and there is food to be organised. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my neurologist, so I am not sure whether there will be a good morning. Perhaps I might write something this evening and proramme it for tomorrow. With a computer everything is possible. Perhaps I am not here at the moment, but still in bed – who knows?

Enjoy the day, have fun, and do not forget, the gardener only rings twice.

Meadow 11.06 (2)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. lovely talk – thank you. While you were taking a pic of a sparrow (no doubt about it), I spoke with my mother in Switzerland and all of a sudden she interrupted: Where are you? I said, in my office with the windows open and the shutters nearly closed…. to which she replied: I hear a blackbird (merle) sing as close as if it was sitting next to the phone 🙂 THESE are the things making me happy…
    Have a good day and a good rendez-vous with your doctor tomorrow!

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    • My background noise would probably be crows, we have a whole colony that live in our local trees. We don’t see so many blackbirds at the moment, probably busy with the kids. I have to see the doc mainly about renewing the perscription for my medicine which has to be done once a year. No problem, but it is very expensive and so has to go through the right channels – about 20,000 CHF a year, but the Krankenkasse pays.


  2. Mine don’t ring. They knock. The problem is, the door is downstairs and at the other end of the house … and if I went into a run, I MIGHT make it … but I can’t run, so I NEVER make it. Hence telling everyone to either LEAVE the package … or WAIT. It’s a LONG WALK.

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    • Distance is not the problem. We live on the ground floor so it is just a step out and around the corner and I see who is ringing the bell through the glass window in the main door. We have a button inside which I can press and I can ask questions over the loudspeaker to the person outside, which I never do. Mr. Swiss tells me that is the idea, to know who is there before you open the door. I suppose he is right, but I just feel so silly talking to no-one.


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