Daily Prompt: Being triumphal :-)

Curtained room

There are always two ways to solve a problem: my way and – yes well the other way. It is not really a matter of being triumphal althought it helps. It is a matter of feeling comfortable in your body. I do not feel very comfortable in my body in any case, so ask my walking stick. We all have our battles to win – yes, to be triumphal in the face of problems.

Now there is a big problem. The sun has risen high in the sky, there are no clouds and although the little birds are chirping their hearts out in agreement, some human bodies begin to search for a solution to this problem. There is the chain of thought that says shut out the sun, ban its hot radiation from the interior of your home. Keep any breath of fresh air outside, because it is not fresh but warm and making life a hot house of emotions. And so the curtains (in our case a new system of stripes) and also the blinds are closed. Unfortunately our blinds have been removed until October, perhaps November, due to the renovation of our appartment block. However, the new curtains are doing their job well.

Some people like to be incarcerated in their appartment during the day, at least afternoon when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, convinced that everything will remain cool. Others have a different opinion (me) because they like breathing fresh air. Of course there is no fresh air beneath the sun, but even the sun has a shady side and luckily my office/computer room is on the shady side with no sun in the afternooon and so there are two alternatives. The curtained version as above or the uncurtained as below.

Windows open

Needless to say my version is the second photo. I have the window open and air enters the room. I am on the shady side of life. The view is not so good, as our scaffolding shows itself, but even this is porous enough to admit a free air flow and establish a freedom of breathing. Of course I shut the door to the room, I am now enclosed in my four walls with my computer(s) in front of an open window. Even my computers are happy and do not overheat.

Presidents and politicians also should find a compromise, otherwise they could not do what they want to. Theresa May, prime minister of Great Britain, will now enter a coalition with the Irish political party, because no-one in England seems to want to collaborate. And the Trump Dump is still convinced he is on the right path but who am I to say he is not.

My problem is solved: I am sitting in front of an open window and feel comfortable, am not suffering from asphyxiation and do not need any sort of artificial lights. It is not a matter of celebrating a triumph, just meeting you opponents half way. Opinions may be expressed, but a good hearty discussion never did any harm, now did it?

Daily Prompt: Being triumphal 🙂

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Being triumphal :-)

  1. So … you don’t use air conditioning? It doesn’t just get HOT here. It gets very humid and the air feel thick. Going outside can feel like walking into a pot of steaming soup. But today, it’s actually lovely. Warm, but dry. A genuinely nice summer day. So I’ve got the back doors open and so far, it’s very pleasant.

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    • AC is not something so common in Europe as in the states, although some have it done privately. We had it at work in the office, but to be quite honest I did not really like it. We really do have two sides to our ur apartment. The west side more or less all day in the sun and the east side only the morning. It is ideal.


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