Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: June 11, 2017

Supermarket bird

Our store was full of them, susupended in time, sea gulls everywhere. Now that’s it, I thought and poised in the middle of the path, facing upwards with my camera of course I took a photo – two actually.

Road to Langendorf 07.06 (8)

And I just had to take a photo of that one. I am definitely not a vegetarian, but still sprout up everywhere. Sitting in our car with this in front, it was an invitation for my camera. Luckily I have an app on my photo programme where I can render details unreadable, otherwise it could be a bit problematic.

Road to Langendorf 09.06 (3)

And the donkey said “what do you think, shall we make a run for it”, but the bull dog replied, “my legs are too short”.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: June 11, 2017

Daily Prompt: Being triumphal :-)

Curtained room

There are always two ways to solve a problem: my way and – yes well the other way. It is not really a matter of being triumphal althought it helps. It is a matter of feeling comfortable in your body. I do not feel very comfortable in my body in any case, so ask my walking stick. We all have our battles to win – yes, to be triumphal in the face of problems.

Now there is a big problem. The sun has risen high in the sky, there are no clouds and although the little birds are chirping their hearts out in agreement, some human bodies begin to search for a solution to this problem. There is the chain of thought that says shut out the sun, ban its hot radiation from the interior of your home. Keep any breath of fresh air outside, because it is not fresh but warm and making life a hot house of emotions. And so the curtains (in our case a new system of stripes) and also the blinds are closed. Unfortunately our blinds have been removed until October, perhaps November, due to the renovation of our appartment block. However, the new curtains are doing their job well.

Some people like to be incarcerated in their appartment during the day, at least afternoon when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, convinced that everything will remain cool. Others have a different opinion (me) because they like breathing fresh air. Of course there is no fresh air beneath the sun, but even the sun has a shady side and luckily my office/computer room is on the shady side with no sun in the afternooon and so there are two alternatives. The curtained version as above or the uncurtained as below.

Windows open

Needless to say my version is the second photo. I have the window open and air enters the room. I am on the shady side of life. The view is not so good, as our scaffolding shows itself, but even this is porous enough to admit a free air flow and establish a freedom of breathing. Of course I shut the door to the room, I am now enclosed in my four walls with my computer(s) in front of an open window. Even my computers are happy and do not overheat.

Presidents and politicians also should find a compromise, otherwise they could not do what they want to. Theresa May, prime minister of Great Britain, will now enter a coalition with the Irish political party, because no-one in England seems to want to collaborate. And the Trump Dump is still convinced he is on the right path but who am I to say he is not.

My problem is solved: I am sitting in front of an open window and feel comfortable, am not suffering from asphyxiation and do not need any sort of artificial lights. It is not a matter of celebrating a triumph, just meeting you opponents half way. Opinions may be expressed, but a good hearty discussion never did any harm, now did it?

Daily Prompt: Being triumphal 🙂

Good Morning

Chickens 10.06 (4)

This cat was sitting in the middle of a mowed field probably waiting for a mouse to walk by or just keeping an eye on his territory. I was taking a walk. It is now mowing time for the farmers as the weather is now warm enough to dry the grass for hay for their animals throughout the winter. Since living in the country for the past 20 years I have picked up some farming experience on the way.

We are in for a heat wave today according to Mr. Swiss. He always keeps an eye on weather developments to prepare our appartment for keeping cool. At the moment it is a a super morning, the sun is shining, but temperatures within sensible amounts. I am sitting at the kitchen table, already eaten two slices of toast and still have half a cup of tea to drink with my two cameras ready for something that might happen for a photo, one with the zoom lens and the other lens for normal use.


Oh, take a look yourself. I have abolished crockery from the breakfast table and just put it on a piece of kitchen paper, which serves is purpose just as well, although I do possess a dish washer. This morning I was half asleep as I noticed the keyboard on my computer was not working. I did a restart and then realised it would not work if I did not go into my chrome programme. I was probably still half asleep.

Feldbrunnen village 10 (1)

On my last walk, which was Friday, they cows were out in the meadow. I also noticed the crops had begun to grow. I am not sure what they are, but something green with large leaves. I love this time of the year out in the open, everything is so wonderfully green, alive and growing.

Feldbrunnen village 10 (6)

The farmer had parked his various machines ready for further use. Now you can see the castle in the background which is often the target of my walks. In front of the castle is a hedge and that is where you find my famous bench where I can sit for the view across the so-called Bernese middle land: in the background the Jura mountains.

Chickens 10.06 (3)

And the new movable chicken coop was now just around the corner. I think our chickens must be some of the happiest chickens. They have fields where they can take their walks, and no-one stops them. Sometimes you find one or two in places where they are not supposed to be, in the stable amongst the horses, or just wandering along on the path. The only real threat they have is if a fox would appear during the night. However, they have their own rooster, Harald, who’s job is to protect his harem, and probably help them with the egg laying.

We can buy fresh eggs from the chicken farm and last week we found a small box containing 4 in our post box as a surprise present from the farm. These were the real thing, all organic, but when I looked at the price list I decided that their prices were too much organic for my budget. All chickens in Switzerland must have a place where they can be in the great outdooors, we have no battery hens, so you can have a good conscience buying any eggs, but I do not need eggs with golden shells from the local chicken farm.

I met my friend on the way. We arrived at the bench and had a nice conversation catching up on life in general. I had to break off for a few minutes to call Mr. Swiss on my mobile phone to tell him I was still alive and kicking and was involved in a conversation with Sylvie. He understood, and could rest calmly knowing that I had not slipped on a piece of cow dung and needed help to stand up again.

Today is a day of doing not very much, although there will be food to cook and a blog to write. This evening I may again venture into the wilderness, with my camera of course. I will leave you with a view from the bench at the castle. The atomospherics were good and there was a view of the alps in the bernese overland.

Alps 10.06 (2)