Daily Prompt: Revelationary

Renovation 09.06 (8)

“It’s so quite outside , no more noise from the work on the building site. Do the workers have a holiday?”

“No mum, they have gone.”

“But there were quite a few of them busy a few minutes ago. And what’s that strange wailing tone going up and down.”

“That the frequence disintigrator revelation I used for their disappearance.”

“What did you say Linus?”

“The builders have been rebuilt with the use of the disintigrator: a revelation in the creation of worlds.”

“Linus how often have I told you not to interfere with earthling philosophy, we are only on holiday on this planet and according to our leaders, we must leave it as we found it.”

“No problem mum. it just sort of happened. You know how the noise of these earth people was annoying you, so I just did a tweak here and there on my protopelling radio, and they sort of disappeared.”

“Where have they gone to?”

“I programmed them for planet Revelation. I am sure they will be content there. They have so many unfinished buildings from the last deatomising invasion.”

“Linus you cannot interfere with the structure of the universe.”

“Why not, it is what grandad has been doing all his life. He even wrote a chapter in his book about it, although it was one of the last before he moved onto the next black hole. You know how gifted he was for repariring black holes. By he way he gave me my bithday present before he moved on, I think I will play with it.”

“What did he get you this time.”

“A black hole creator of course.”

Renovation 09.06 (6)

“No Linus, I forbid you to use it on this planet.”

“But mum, I always wanted a black hole painting kit.”

“But not here. Grandad knows how to manage those things, but you do not have enough experience.”

“Any fool can convert into black holes. Look mum.”

“Linus where has that tree gone?”

“Who knows, grandad is still trying to find out, but he said the main thing is that we can do it and so I painted the tree black.”

“But there is nothing left but  an empty space.”

“Grandad said nothing is really empty, it is all a figment of imagination and a work of revelation,”

“And we all know where grandad’s revelations got us.”

“I think he did a good job. This earth place is OK, just needs a little tweak and small adjustment now and again. Can I build some pyramids with my pyramid construction kit he gave me for Egypt creation day?”

“But not here, take a trip with your beamer, I think grandad said somewhere in a river valley would be a good place.”

“OK mum, will be back for tea.”

“And don’t get disintigrating stuff on the way.”

“Of course not mum, no problem.”

Daily Prompt: Revelationary

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Revelationary

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  2. The best thing about black holes is not knowing when you see one, you shouldn’t get into any trouble that way, could go past several and still be home in time for tea. A black hole is, yet isn’t, that’s the part I like.

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