Daily Prompt: Revelationary

Renovation 09.06 (8)

“It’s so quite outside , no more noise from the work on the building site. Do the workers have a holiday?”

“No mum, they have gone.”

“But there were quite a few of them busy a few minutes ago. And what’s that strange wailing tone going up and down.”

“That the frequence disintigrator revelation I used for their disappearance.”

“What did you say Linus?”

“The builders have been rebuilt with the use of the disintigrator: a revelation in the creation of worlds.”

“Linus how often have I told you not to interfere with earthling philosophy, we are only on holiday on this planet and according to our leaders, we must leave it as we found it.”

“No problem mum. it just sort of happened. You know how the noise of these earth people was annoying you, so I just did a tweak here and there on my protopelling radio, and they sort of disappeared.”

“Where have they gone to?”

“I programmed them for planet Revelation. I am sure they will be content there. They have so many unfinished buildings from the last deatomising invasion.”

“Linus you cannot interfere with the structure of the universe.”

“Why not, it is what grandad has been doing all his life. He even wrote a chapter in his book about it, although it was one of the last before he moved onto the next black hole. You know how gifted he was for repariring black holes. By he way he gave me my bithday present before he moved on, I think I will play with it.”

“What did he get you this time.”

“A black hole creator of course.”

Renovation 09.06 (6)

“No Linus, I forbid you to use it on this planet.”

“But mum, I always wanted a black hole painting kit.”

“But not here. Grandad knows how to manage those things, but you do not have enough experience.”

“Any fool can convert into black holes. Look mum.”

“Linus where has that tree gone?”

“Who knows, grandad is still trying to find out, but he said the main thing is that we can do it and so I painted the tree black.”

“But there is nothing left but  an empty space.”

“Grandad said nothing is really empty, it is all a figment of imagination and a work of revelation,”

“And we all know where grandad’s revelations got us.”

“I think he did a good job. This earth place is OK, just needs a little tweak and small adjustment now and again. Can I build some pyramids with my pyramid construction kit he gave me for Egypt creation day?”

“But not here, take a trip with your beamer, I think grandad said somewhere in a river valley would be a good place.”

“OK mum, will be back for tea.”

“And don’t get disintigrating stuff on the way.”

“Of course not mum, no problem.”

Daily Prompt: Revelationary

Good Morning


I am late this morning, no not late, but later. Who cares, I am a golden oldie not going anywhere or doing anything worth a headline in the newspaper, but nevertheless I have lost at least half an hour by hugging the bed instead of being the usual action power woman that I am. On the other hand who cares, the vacuum cleaner is just waiting patiently after being used by Mr. Swiss. He had a small problem which became a bigger one. He was cleaning Tabby’s toilet and there was a tear in the plastic bag which he did not notice. I will leave the rest to your imagination. Luckily this all happened before I left the bedroom.

Being Saturday they will not be letting me out this morning. We now look forward to the peace and quiet of the week-ends as the builders also have a week-end and will not be arriving to cause any disturbances in our surroundings. We have now got accustomed to the scaffolding in front of our windows and I have almost forgotten how it used to be. Last week there was a small meeting of a couple of organisers of our building and we were shown the new design for the new sun shades. I do not like them. We used to have a light grey and white striped shade, now it has become green with a small pattern. I do not like green, never did. Nature is green and these new shades will definitely clash with the surroundings. Sometimes there are advantages is being 70 years old.

Renovation 09.06 (3)

Yesterday one of the more chief builders was putting the finishing touches to the insulation of our building by fixing a large block of foam to the facade with the use of bitumen. At least we wll survive any floods and deluges that my occur in future, so Noah has now lost his job. It seems to me that our new walls will become thicker and thicker and we will definitely become competition to the local castle.

Renovation 07.06 (5)

We had a small vicory to celebrate yesterday For some time, at least two weeks, the roof workers had left thick blanket similar material on our lawn. I spoke to the the builders and they said it was not theire material, but the roof workers. Everytime I searched for a roof worker they had the day off, or where perched up on the roof. We spoke to one of the chief workers, who said he would look into it. However, he too seemed to have problems in finding a roof worker. They are an elusive breed it seems.

Yesterday the gardeners arrived to remove our natural meadow as it was time for the big mow down and said they could mow around the pile of unsighly blanket similar material. In the meanwhile it had rained on this material, all neighbourhood cats had used it as their new toilet system and a few had even adopted it as a sleeping place. I was convinced this pile of think material would soon become a breeding place for other creatures. Mr. Swiss to the rescue and within a few minutes the gardeners removed it to the path. This was material that had become allegedly too heavy to move. It was no problem. I think it only needed a little application of common sense, which is today becoming a rare item. As you can see on the photo our meadow is now almost back to normal conditions.


Yesterday evening I decided to take a walk to the nearby castle with my camera. I took a few photos but they are still in the camera. I met a good friend as I was walking the path and so when we arrived at the next bench, we sat down and caught up on life together which took at least an hour. I had to call Mr. Swiss in the meanwhile to tell him I was alive and well and not to worry. As we were sitting on the bench there were others taking a walk, a doctor and his wife and a lawyer. Yes we have a illustrious public in our little village. The weather has been quite good at the moment, some sun, a few clouds, and above all pleasant temperatures and no rain.

And now I must heed the call of housewife deed. A woman’s work is never done, it seems. Enjoy the week-end everyone, and take care of your computers, you will need them as they need you (famous last words?).