Good Morning

Sky over Feldbrunnen

Looks good today with that blue lightly clouded sky above and a nice fresh cool (not cold) breeze to go with it. Mr. Trump is still there but I am not so sure if Theresa May is still there as prime minister in England. Apparently she is, but just clinging on – silly woman everyone says, should have left things as they were. Being on the outside looking in as a sort of ex-pat with Swiss passport it is no longer my problem. We had a programme on Swiss TV highlighting the british situation with interviews from various members of the public, some wishing it could be like it used to be. Probably they mean pre EU and the good old days. My good old days were the sixties when the late Harold Wilson was prim minister. They were my socialist days when I even read books of his speeches and once saw him liver at the Poplar Civic theater giving one of his speeches. He was not exactly communist, but always referred to himself as a little left of center. The thing was in those days you had a clear picture of who was who: the working class and the others. We were working class and the others never really did anything for us. They spoke more refined I suppose – but that was english class difference, now old fashioned. In the meanwhile my working class dad, his working life spent on the factory floor, had even voted conservative. As said I am now on the outside looking in, so it is easy to criticise. Personally I never really understood the reasons why GB left the EU, I suppose they just wanted to be on their own again. Probably the worst insult was when the EU decided to ban strong vacuum cleaner motors. The british immediately bought up the stocks of the vacuum cleaners  with stronge motors before this law came into practice. Now they have their nice strong vacuum cleaners and something called Brexit and there is no going back. Mr. Swiss always says wait and see for these things, but this time he did not, so I am saying it for him.

In the meanwhile the Swiss still have their direct democracy with referendums every 2-3 months and no-one really knows about it in the big wide world, unless they want to spend holidays in the mountains or skiing, although even that is now becoming too expensive for many countries.

Road to Langendorf 07.06 (2)

Some trees to put you in the mood as 25 years ago I watched a TV American film series, a David Lynch production “Twin Peaks” which always began with trees. I was 25 years younger and probably was more into modern developments than my 70 year old golden oldie brain of today. I remember the series, with Agent Dale Cooper as special agent of the FBI ploughing his way through the surrounding mysteries. My son even bought me the book “The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper” knowing how much I was into the series. However, it got a little bit surreal, although I could still follow it, even if there was a place in the forest with a large room surrounded by red curtains where strange people would appear when Agent Cooper happened to arrive there, but that was for advanced viewers. Apparently in the very last episode someone said “see you in 25 years”.

The 25 years have now passed on and so the second follow up series is now on the TV and this week we had a look at the first two episodes. I was only watching from the corner of my eye as I was reading, but I could not ignore everything. It is still from David Lynch who still has his same style, but 25 years ago I sort of got the hang of it. The surviving actors, most of them, are now 25 years old. Agent Cooper had everything under control in the first series, now I am not so sure. He now appears with shoulder length hair and has begun to kill people.  There is also a guy that sits in a large room watching a machine and waiting for something to happen. His girl friend visits him, sneaks into th room, which is otherwise not allowed, takes he clothes off, he takes his off as when it begins to get interesting something happens in the machine. A strange white figure leaves the machine and attacks the guy and his girlfriend, leaving some traces of blood everywhere. This is where I lost the thread.

I no longer understand such revolutionary modern pieces of surreal TV art. One guy was put in prison for murder, although he was not guilty it seems, but he might have been if my patience survives until the last episode.  Three cells away from him in the prison there is a guy that resembles the grim reaper, but not skeletal, all dressed in black, who suddenly dissolves and disappears. That was when I stopped watching and Mr. Swiss changed the programme. I think I am now too old for that sort of thing and I so had a crush on Agent Cooper 25 years ago.

And now to more serious matters. It is Friday, week-end shopping and the online cloud list has been written, visible on my iPhone and that of Mr. Swiss, so what could possibly go wrong. There is still a row of question marks for Sunday, but that depends on the special offers.

On the roof 07.06 (7)

This is not a scene from Twin Peaks, although it could be. It is one of the builders working on our roof.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. My good old days seem to have been cancelled by Trump. All the stuff we marched for, dreamed about … it’s being dumped without so much as a ceremony to mark its passing. If I really get to thinking about it, it will make me very depressed. And it’s raining again. Weird, because an hour ago, it was lovely. Apparently tomorrow will be nice again. Good.

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    • History repeats itself and I now realize how my parents felt about their days gone past. I never marched for very much but had my heroes of the day, heroes that no longer exist like they used to. Not many take us golden oldies serious today with our so-called old fashioned ideas.


  2. Don’t know anything about Twin Peaks but follow(ed) with great interest the English matters…. Mrs May was a bit too sure of herself and her power – and she doesn’t have the necessary intellect to have realised her limitations…..
    On the other hand, in CH nothing gets ever done, because there is always a referendum!

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      • Thought she got her job by mistake – there was not ll that much choice when the vacancy happened…. But she sure made of meal of it all.
        Funny way of looking at referendums :)- Whe we discussed France we always used to say that the decisions taken weren’t always what we would have liked to think that people wanted but at least ‘some things got done’ – unless in CH where every good and bad idea takes at least 10-15yrs before anything happens!

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