Good Morning

Avocado 07.06 (1)

Avocado 07.06 (2)My avocado is still alive and growing. I had to park it in a new space on my front garden as there was no room left on the back garden due to the builders. This is actually the less warmer side of the appartment, but it still seems to be warm enough. This avocado, grown from a stone/pit or whatever, is now in its second year and now and again decides to make some new leaves. In the meanwhile I made a second effort, although I nearly lost it. I put it outside too early and we had a breakthrough of frosty weather. It lost the new leaves. I was so disappointed I left it outside, thinking I would have to throw it away. However it recovered and made another effort and produced new leaves, so who knows – seecond photo.

We have had some high temperatures with plenty of rain and slowly my garden is resembling a rain forest, lots of leaves, but less flowers. I have not seen a slug for a few days, so they seem to have moved on or perhaps drowned in water, which is hardly likely, they revel in damp and wet.

I read something yesterday in an internet link somewhere that woke up a memory for me. I was always interested in spy cases, rembering George Blake who was a Russian in England in the cold war days, and even managed to escape from England, make his way to Russia via East Germany and is still living there as a elderly gentleman, even decorated with the Lenin medal for his services. As far as I know he never accepted money for his deeds. Tempo passati and I doubt if many still remember him. There were a few others as well: Burgess and Maclean, John Vassall – names which many of the youngsters will not recognise, being being a golden oldie they still have their memories for me.

So yesterday I was reminded of the Rosenberg case. A married couple, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were convicted of passing on American atom secrets to the Russians in 1945. A long while ago as I was only born in 1946, but somehow in my interest in spy cases I discovered this case. They were both given the death sentence by the americans after being found guilty. leaving behind two sons, at the time 8 and 10 years old. Now one of the sons has given an interview and said that yes, his father was guilty, and his mother probably just an accessory, althogh spy is spy. When thinking of this crime, now and again I sort of wondered what happenen to these children. So I decided to read up on the whole thing, and the next book on my reading list will be one of the books written about the case. It seems the main witness at the trial was the brother of Ethel Rosenberg, who was also given a prison sentence. A book about an old trial but one of the interests of a golden oldie.

And now back to reality. I hear the sound of builders tools, hear conversations amongst builders and now and again Mr. Swiss is busy with domestic duties, so I should join him.

Nothing special happening at the moment so I wish you all a good day and leave you with a photo of our house mountain, Weissenstein, with its restaurant perched on the Jura mountains.

Road to Langendorf 07.06 (7)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • No idea, it is more luck than judgement. Perhaps my grandchildren might one day be able to eat it’s produce. Switzerland is not warm enough to grow avocado outside throughout the year.


  1. This is high times in the international political arena. Garry and I finally had to give up doing anything but watching the hearing. No big bombshells, though … but a very well reasoned, legal presentation of facts. Comey used to be an Attorney General, so he’s pretty good at stating his case and knowing when to just shut up. More to come!

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