Photo Challenge: Order

On the roof 07.06 (1)

I have been living with a construction site for the past 2 months, and realise that building is not just building. You cannot hang a piece of metal onto another without knowing why. I now have more than 500 photos in my collection called “renovation” and realise what it means to build. How to construct a scaffold that it balances, and does not fall down in windy weather: putting staircases in the right places where the workers have a clear sight of everything.

When approaching our appartments from the road I noticed today that our roof was also under siege. This afternoon I took my camera, equipped it with the zoom lens, to see if there was anything worth a photo. The photo shows the curved end of our building towards the roof. What might look like a mess of metal bars and hinges all has its purpose. I watch the builders climbing up and down during the day and it works Photoperfectly.

Before they go home  you find no spare parts laying around, everything is put away to where it belongs. During the day bricks, stones and other debris from the work is everywhere, but in the evening it is tidy and neat. We are just left with the well organised scaffold structure.

Photo Challenge: Order

6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Order

    • I took a photo of the whole complex before they began. As far as I can see it will probably be increased in volume because the insulation material is thicker that the original. Anyhow we will have to be patient until September, or October, maybe November 🙂


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