Good Morning


And life continues as usual, despite the fact that our building is encased in scaffolding, but I dared to take a step beneath it all to take a clear photo of the morning sky with my mobile phone camera. At last we can see the sun again. We have been confronted with gale force winds and rain in between and I noticed our building tribe were not so keen to climb to the higher levels of the scaffolding.

I am not sure what they are actually doing at the moment, but it is all happening on the floor above our appartment and involved a gas canister and flame throwers. As it was on a higher level I do not yet have detailed photos of the event, but they will soon arrive on our floor and I will be there to record it all.

Electric Connection

The latest development yesterday was a new electric connection outside on the patio. It had to be replaced as it seems, according to Mr. Swiss, that the new facade will be thicker than the last. I have now begun to work this out. On a three story building (ground floor and two further floors) with 13 appartments, this could make an impact on the landscape. Our building will be higher (new roof) and wider – we will become a landmark in our little village, perhaps even an entry in the Guiness book of records. The new plug has not yet been connected to the electricity supply. It is quite useful as I like to iron outside in summer and our Mowey (lawn mower robot) needs it to send him on his way over the lawn. This summer Mr. Swiss has had to mow the lawn himself, weaving around the poles belonging to the scaffolding.


I also noticed this piece of styrofoam mounted on each side of our front windows. I had to think of horses and their eye covers. Perhaps the builders are now working on a secret job, and we are not allowed to see what they are doing – who knows. All I know is that the room behind this piece of Picasso artwork was full of small white flakes of foam yesterday as the new addition was being carved into shape. Mr. Swiss has now informed me that this addition to the architectural landscape is to facilitate placing the insulation on our outside walls. One of the workers informed him in a conversation.  Actually I think I will miss the workers. When I am sitting at my desk they always give me a smile through the window and a greeting.

However a new day is dawning and we will again be exploring the delights of the supermarket. I have not been amongst the public since last Friday, and only took a walk along the local river in between.

I had a message from Microsoft on my computer asking me if I would recommend Windows 10 to others on a scale from 1 to 5. I gave them a 4 as I never give anyone a 5 – no-one is perfect. Then I had to add a comment. My comment: do I have a choice? They do ask silly questions. There was a further step to the questionair asking about various problems you might have. I did not bother – no-one really reads it in any case, and I still cling to Chrome. I do not even know what Edge looks like and with my physical condition, I would probably fall off in any case.

It is now time to go, the vacuum cleaner is calling and my assistance will be needed on the shopping tour. Enjoy the day, have fun, and be kind to your computers. After all they also have feelings like us.

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