Photo Challenge: Order

On the roof 07.06 (1)

I have been living with a construction site for the past 2 months, and realise that building is not just building. You cannot hang a piece of metal onto another without knowing why. I now have more than 500 photos in my collection called “renovation” and realise what it means to build. How to construct a scaffold that it balances, and does not fall down in windy weather: putting staircases in the right places where the workers have a clear sight of everything.

When approaching our appartments from the road I noticed today that our roof was also under siege. This afternoon I took my camera, equipped it with the zoom lens, to see if there was anything worth a photo. The photo shows the curved end of our building towards the roof. What might look like a mess of metal bars and hinges all has its purpose. I watch the builders climbing up and down during the day and it works Photoperfectly.

Before they go home  you find no spare parts laying around, everything is put away to where it belongs. During the day bricks, stones and other debris from the work is everywhere, but in the evening it is tidy and neat. We are just left with the well organised scaffold structure.

Photo Challenge: Order

Daily Prompt: The Polish General

I have polished enough silver and furniture, and even some shoes, in my life, but let’s do something different. The well-known (at least amongst the Polish people) Tadeusz Kociuszko happened to die in our local town of Solothurn. He was some sort of hero in Poland and died in Solothurn at age 71 after falling from a horse, developing a fever, and suffering a stroke a few days later.

The house where General Kosciuszko stayed in Solothurn
The photo is my very own and the plaque is sort of half way up the wall. This guy was quite a hero in Poland, but I am not going to give you a history lesson, you can read all about it on the Wikipedia link. I have no idea why he was in Solothurn when he died, although it seems there was a bit of a thing about him not being bured here, so they eventually transferred his remains to Warsaw for his last resting place.

I was then just a year or so in Solothurn and I had an english friend also living here, so we would make various excursions in the neighbourhood.  We noticed there was a Kociuszko museum in Solothurn (who? never heard of him) so we decided to have a look and do something for our historical knowledge of Poland. Mr. Swiss was not yet in my life. I just asked him if he had ever visited this museum and he said yes in the dark ages when he was still at school, so it seems to be a compulsory exercise for school children in the Kanton of Solothurn.

It was and still is I believe, situated on the first floor of one of the older houses in the middle of Solothurn. My friend and I entered the main door of the house and discovered the museum was on the first floor. We had to knock at the door of an appartment and an elderly lady answered. No she was not elderly, she was ancient, and hobbled to the door. When we said we would like to visit the museum, I am sure she had tears in her eyes. We were probably the first visitors that year, perhaps for a couple of years. It seems she was living with her look alike sister, and they were now both completely in awe of the fact that we had decided to visit the museum.

I was probably naive, as I was of the opinion museums were open places for the public, but it seems this was not so. The older of the two sisters (I assumed they were sisters, although age was not so apparent, as both had a walking stick and white hair) opened the door to the museum and invited us into these  hallowed Polish walls. I like to have a look around these places, but as we were the first visitors for a few years, most probably, she had found suitable victims for a guided tour. Of course, she first of all asked if we were Polish, as it seems they have many polish visitors who seem to make a pilgrimage to the town where this famous Polish General drew his last breath after falling from his horse.

We were shown writen documents, various uniform pieces and the smell of dust and unaired rooms accompanied us all the way, mixed with the smell of cooked food of lunch from the appartment of the two elederly ladies which was next door. The curtains were of a heavy thick long-not-washed material, and enhanced the smell considerably. As these ladies must have then been at least 80 years old, I assume they are now no longer in charge of the museum, probably have now joined their hero in the polish department of the sky.

So no polished furtniture, although I must say it was obvious that the life’s work of these two elderly ladies was to keep the memory of General Kociuszko in a well polished condition in case that a polish visitor, or even two english girls, might chance to pay a visit.

Daily Prompt: The Polish General

Good Morning


And life continues as usual, despite the fact that our building is encased in scaffolding, but I dared to take a step beneath it all to take a clear photo of the morning sky with my mobile phone camera. At last we can see the sun again. We have been confronted with gale force winds and rain in between and I noticed our building tribe were not so keen to climb to the higher levels of the scaffolding.

I am not sure what they are actually doing at the moment, but it is all happening on the floor above our appartment and involved a gas canister and flame throwers. As it was on a higher level I do not yet have detailed photos of the event, but they will soon arrive on our floor and I will be there to record it all.

Electric Connection

The latest development yesterday was a new electric connection outside on the patio. It had to be replaced as it seems, according to Mr. Swiss, that the new facade will be thicker than the last. I have now begun to work this out. On a three story building (ground floor and two further floors) with 13 appartments, this could make an impact on the landscape. Our building will be higher (new roof) and wider – we will become a landmark in our little village, perhaps even an entry in the Guiness book of records. The new plug has not yet been connected to the electricity supply. It is quite useful as I like to iron outside in summer and our Mowey (lawn mower robot) needs it to send him on his way over the lawn. This summer Mr. Swiss has had to mow the lawn himself, weaving around the poles belonging to the scaffolding.


I also noticed this piece of styrofoam mounted on each side of our front windows. I had to think of horses and their eye covers. Perhaps the builders are now working on a secret job, and we are not allowed to see what they are doing – who knows. All I know is that the room behind this piece of Picasso artwork was full of small white flakes of foam yesterday as the new addition was being carved into shape. Mr. Swiss has now informed me that this addition to the architectural landscape is to facilitate placing the insulation on our outside walls. One of the workers informed him in a conversation.  Actually I think I will miss the workers. When I am sitting at my desk they always give me a smile through the window and a greeting.

However a new day is dawning and we will again be exploring the delights of the supermarket. I have not been amongst the public since last Friday, and only took a walk along the local river in between.

I had a message from Microsoft on my computer asking me if I would recommend Windows 10 to others on a scale from 1 to 5. I gave them a 4 as I never give anyone a 5 – no-one is perfect. Then I had to add a comment. My comment: do I have a choice? They do ask silly questions. There was a further step to the questionair asking about various problems you might have. I did not bother – no-one really reads it in any case, and I still cling to Chrome. I do not even know what Edge looks like and with my physical condition, I would probably fall off in any case.

It is now time to go, the vacuum cleaner is calling and my assistance will be needed on the shopping tour. Enjoy the day, have fun, and be kind to your computers. After all they also have feelings like us.