Good Morning

River Aar 05.06 (7)

Yesterday they let me out again. I had been cooped up since last Friday when I was on my last shopping tour. It was a long Whit week-end with Monday as an additional day. The weather was not particularly super over the week-end, plenty of rain, storm and wind, but yesterday it was clear air and pleasant temperatures. I am not the fittest, but I still manage a comfortable walk with my trusty cane and camera, so let’s do it.

I now take my walks in the evening after the evening meal: there are less people on the way and it works better for me. I set off towards the river and was pleasantly suprised to see that it was not as muddy as I expected. The river had risen due to the rain, but it was no danger. It rarely floods where we live.

As I turned a corner in the path, what did I see.

Swan 05.06 (3)

The swans have returned. For a while they had disappeared and I suspect they were busy sitting on eggs waiting for the next generation. They have returned, quite a few, but on the opposite  bank of the river. All the more was I please to see this swan sitting on the bank on my side of the river, thinking about taking a swim. Take a photo was my first thought, as I did not know how long she would stay. She seems to be thinking whether to get her feet wet or not.

Swan 05.06 (10)

She made her decision and went for a paddle in the river. I made the most of it, as usually I never get them so close to the camera. However, as I walked along the river bank, she was accompanying me on the water at the side. This was a perfect walk with a camera and I was feeling good. Actually I had not felt so good on a walk for a long while. I have my aches and pains, but on this walk they had decided to give me a break.

River Aar 05.06 (6)

I got to the point where I usually turn back, but this time I decided to do the round trip. I continued along the path which takes a right turn in front of the appartment building on the photo. This is usually out of limits for me, but I decided to use the walking feet while they were able. I was now walking towards the main road, where I knew there was a local railway shelter where I could take a five minute rest. On the way I passed a house where I knew the owners. The lady was outside in her garden and we had a pleasant chat. Of course I was collecting food for the camera. When I reached home I had more than 50 photos to upload, the rewards of my walk.

When I eventually reached the railway seat I called Mr. Swiss. I always have my mobile phone with me as he tends to get worried if I am away for more than half an hour.

Castle Waldegg 05.06.2017

I now went to the homewards stretch, absolutely no problem. I had not felt so fit for a long while. I now had a distant view of the local Castle Waldegg which was on the other side of the main road. This is also a target of one of my various walks. Seeing it from a distance gives a better idea of how it is situated in the top half of our village with the Jura mountains as a back drop.

I eventually reached home. After a five minute relxation on the porch I got myself comfortable on the computer and organised the photos.

Stinging Nettle 05.06.2017

Even stinging nettles have their beauty when you are out enjoying nature.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. If you enjoy cooking, fresh nettle soup is both tasty and nutritious. I envy your walking opportunities since I live right in the heart of Dublin city and I took full vicarious advantage of this stroll, as you ‘swanned about’ the lake.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful post.
    I have far too many nettles….. ;( but I too see the beauty of everything in nature. AND we need nettles for other tiny beasts and runners out there; they don’t grow to annoy and hurt us!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely walk and what looks to me like a very clean riverbank.

    When the swans follow me, I’m pretty sure they want something to eat. Everyone like feeding the swans and ducks, so they get very comfortable with people.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is very clean, although sometimes you might come across a muddy patch.
      It was just swimming in the same direction that I was walking. They get fed enough here and at the moment I don’t get too close. They can get very nervous and aggressive if they have babies somehere.


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